With the release of Confluence 3.2 we made it incredibly quick to create links and embed images or documents with the introduction of Autocomplete. In Confluence 3.3 we made creating rich content even faster by putting the power of plugins and macros a keystroke away with Macro Autocomplete. Confluence’s Rich Text Editor provides the fastest way to create content rich pages in a wiki. Let’s show you how you can save a ton of time everyday by just remembering three simple keys.

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Autocomplete provides you with the fastest editing experience in a wiki. Seriously, your mouse might start to get a little lonely!
Autocomplete is useful because of its dynamic search function. When the trigger character is initiated autocomplete immediately suggests recently viewed pages, images and documents and macros. If you want to find a specific page or file, type the first few characters of the page title, user’s name, image name or file name. A list of suggestions will appear as a drop-down menu when you pause in your typing. You can then select the desired file or continue searching.

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If you need more convincing for why autocomplete is so fast, take a look at this video.

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Link Autocomplete


Are you a technical writer? Interested in connecting your documentation by linking pages, profiles and weblinks? Just type ‘[‘ to bring up a list of your recently viewed pages and blogs. If you want to link to something else just start typing and autcomplete will suggest pages, blogs, attachments, people and spaces based on what you type. When you’ve found that content, use your keyboard arrows to select it and hit enter to create the link.

Inserting a link:

  • Type ‘[‘ to see recently viewed pages and blogs
  • Start typing to see the suggested links that match your search
  • Use your keyboard arrows to select the content you wish to insert
  • Press ‘Enter

Image and Document Autocomplete

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Does your software development or technical team use Confluence for gathering requirements or writing specs? Quickly embed your mockups, screenshots or Office documents on a page using Autocomplete. Just type ‘!‘ and select the attachment you want to embed. Autocomplete also lets you rapidly embed attached images, PowerPoints, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets or Word Documents.

Inserting a image or document:

  • Type ‘!
  • Start typing to see suggested images or documents
  • Use your keyboard arrows to select the content you wish to insert
  • Press ‘Enter

Macro Autocomplete


Do you manage your day-to-day tasks in your intranet? Try adding a tasklist to a page and let Confluence autocomplete the tasklist macro for you. Just enter ‘{‘ and start typing to see the suggested macros that match your text.

Inserting a macro:

  • Type ‘{‘ to see a list of popular macros
  • Start typing to see suggested macros that match your search
  • Use your keyboard arrows to select the content you wish to insert
  • Press ‘Enter

It’s simple, Autocomplete will save you time. These three shortcuts make linking to content, inserting images and documents and accessing macros faster than ever.
Confluence keeps you in the writing flow so you can focus on creating content rich pages.

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