It’s Crunch-time again, which in English means that TechCrunch has opened nominations for the 2010 Crunchies awards. Nominations are open through Friday, December 24, 2010 at midnight PT. Atlassian fits neatly into two Crunchie categories: Best International Company and Best Enterprise. We’ve been nominated for Crunchies in the past, but have a hard time competing with B2C companies who have only to lift a finger to get out the vote, which means we’re going to have to work extra hard to make it happen.

Why nominate Atlassian? Here are 3 inarguable reasons:
1. We’re the only company to have ever brought Michael Arrington on stage to interview a Tom Cruise look-alike. Michael Arrington, known for his tough interviews of Silicon Valley tech leaders, met his match in Tom Cruise. Perhaps to save face, or maybe to show us up at our own game, he then invited Mr. Cruise onto TechCrunch and interviewed the man behind the persona.

2. Our CEO shaved his head (for charity) and joined Australia’s Minister of Trade on stage when accepting the Exporter of the Year award. Sure, Atlassian raised over $45k for charity in Movember and won the 2010 Australian Exporter of the Year (we’re based in Sydney and 94% of our sales our done internationally), but the main thing we’ll remember is the mo — as in hawk. On stage with over a dozen other high-powered guys in suits, Scott accepted the award, blue mohawk and all.

3. Steve Wiebe — yes, the Steve Wiebe — almost trashed the all-time Donkey Kong high score in our tradeshow booth. We take our gaming seriously. So seriously, in fact, that when we sponsored the Game Developers Conference, we flew Steve Wiebe, star of the The King of Kong, to San Francisco to play his favorite video game in our booth. Amid the most advanced new 3D gaming technology companies, the virtual reality games and flying quadcopters, attendees chose to flock to the Atlassian booth to geek out on a guy playing a 30-year old arcade game. Awesome.

If those aren’t enough reasons, there are hundreds more you can read about on our blogs that chronicle the past 12 months of product launches, case studies, acquisitions, plugins, conferences, and developments at Atlassian.

Don’t forget to nominate Atlassian and your other favorite companies for a Crunchie! You can vote once per day.

3 reasons you should nominate Atlassian for a Crun...