One reason I enjoy working at Atlassian is that our founders highly encourage us to contribute to our community. For example, every employee receives five paid days annually to volunteer at a charity of his/her choice.
Another cool thing Atlassian does is donate free community licenses to non-profits (I’m planning to deploy Confluence for the faculty at my son’s pre-school). And we support the open-source community with free Open Source Project Licenses. Community contribution is a core value for us so one way we measure our success is by looking at the number of community and open source licenses we generate.
That’s why we’re proud to announce today that we’ve given away just over 3,600 open source and community licenses. That’s over 2,000 community licenses and over 1,600 open-source licenses. And the open-source projects using our software are a veritable list of who’s who in open source:

Non profits using our software include:

So why do we give our products away? I remember a venture capitalist once asking a former employer…”if your product were free would people use it?” With 3,600+ customers using our products for free, Atlassian passes that test (not that we’ve ever taken a dime of VC funding). At the end of the day we think it just makes good business sense to keep the people who create, evangelize and use our products healthy and happy. And sometimes it just feels good to give a little something back to the community.
While we celebrate 3,600 today, we know there are still thousands more out there that can benefit from Atlassian’s software. Help us get the word out. If you know anyone who could benefit, encourage them to sign up for a free license at:

3,600 Free Licenses Feels Pretty Good...