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The saying “big things come in small packages” is the perfect way to describe the status macro – a little color lozenge that makes it easy to track the status of project milestones, new feature work, or the status of drafted work. We’ve made three simple, yet powerful improvements to the status macro:

  • New Design – The new status macro is slimmer and fits the new overall design of Confluence.
  • New Colors, More Options – We’ve added new colors to give you more options and also added the ‘outline style’ for more subtle lozenges
  • Faster Editing – Now you can edit the macro without opening the Macro Browser – update the text and color inline


3 ways to use the new status macro

1. Track release milestones

Every new product release is a multi-team effort. Product management needs to keep an eye on the progress of development, QA is usually heads down testing for bugs, and product marketing has to make sure features are on-track and craft a compelling story. A great, simple way to keep everyone on the same page is to create a release checklist. Use the status macro to show the progress of each major milestone leading up to the release. Stakeholders can check the page at anytime to see where everything stands.


2. Keep marketing materials fresh

Our marketing team likes to keep our product videos fresh. For every new feature or improvement we create a quick video for our customers. To track the “freshness” of all of our existing videos, and plan for new ones, we keep a video archive page. This page lists all of our videos, the creator, when they were created and a status macro that tracks the changes that need to be made. The page is a one-stop-shop for everything we need to keep those slick videos in-line for every new release, and across all our web properties.


3. Categorize important announcements

The customer advocate team are rockstars at Atlassian. They have to stay on top of all of our business processes and product changes, to provide legendary customer support to our amazing customers. To keep abreast of all these changes they maintain a “Team Newsfeed” that makes use of the status macro to flag information that affects their team and potentially our customers. They have a key to categorize this information, and a different color status lozenge for each category, which makes it easy for team members to scan the newsfeed and identify potential changes that may affect their work.


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3 Ways to Use the Status Macro in Confluence...