As the year ends, we decided to look in the rear view mirror and see which Developer blog posts were the most popular.   So, here, for your viewing pleasure on 12/12/2012, the top 12 blog posts of 2012 –ordered from earliest to latest in appearance.

13 Steps to Learn and Perfect Security Testing in Your Organization  —  “As a security tester, your ‘end-user’ is now an attacker trying to break your application.

Modern Principles in Web Development — This blog kicked up some healthy commenting, such as:   “I agree with your SPA promotion, I’m in the same boat I name myself as a “Single Page Interface Evangelist”, but I don’t agree with your client centric view of SPA, yes client centric is an option but another server centric approaches exist.”

Jira 5 Ruby Gem —  “Trineo’s jira-ruby gem was built just for Jira 5’s REST API. It abstracts much of the boilerplate code that every developer has

to deal with including OAuth.”

REST Easy with Jira 5 —  “Jira 5′s REST API is a full featured REST API that gives you full CRUD based access to issues and its related objects.

Jira Development Cookbook – A book by Jobin Kuruvilla — Read this review before buying!

CodeCache is Full. Compiler has been Disabled. — One reader said “Thanks for post, it helped my compile play framework on low memory box.

The Changing Skillset of a Tester and Increasing the Speed to Cool —  A definitive list of skills to look for when hiring your next QA person.

 Performance and Soke — “Dealing with complex products such as Jira and Confluence that have many layered components, aggressive caching and data manipulation the order of requests and mix of requests may yield different patterns of performance.

Announcing the Codegeist 2012 Winners — Learn about the hard-working folks that took home some cash and kudos. Maybe buy a stocking stuffer for your Atlassian product too?

Designer in the Code — “...a fine line, walked carefully between time and talent, needs and desires for the perfectly designed application.”

Stash’s Pseudo Line Numbers — An awesome use case that works through a some clever CSS to arrive at a cool feature.

Atlassian is expanding product development into Asia  — A new source for a new job, check it out.

 P3ace on Earth and Good Will to You All!

2012’s Twelve Most Read Developer Blogs...