It’s been a little over a month since we released Confluence Blueprints, ready-made solutions to common business problems. There’s the Meeting Notes Blueprint to help you run effective meetings, the File List Blueprint for sharing files with your team, and the Product Requirements Blueprint for collaboratively defining and tracking your product requirements – all in one place.

Ever since the initial release we’ve been heads down making improvements to the Confluence Blueprints experience. Here are two of the many improvements available to Confluence OnDemand customers today:

1. Add viewing restrictions to your File Lists

The File List Blueprint makes it easy to create a list of files that teams need to get their work done. You can use File Lists to give all your employees one place to find approved company graphics and logos, download the latest version of sales and marketing presentations, and store all documents related to a particular project. Features like drag-and-drop file sharing, automatic versioning, instant previews, and full-text search make for a powerful case to ditch your shared network drive.

While making files and documents more accessible and easier to find will undoubtedly boost your team’s productivity, there are times when you need to restrict the viewing of certain files to individual co-workers or groups. Now you can.
Confluence Blueprints File Lists Permissions

2. Define custom page titles and location for new pages

Blueprints are more than page templates. When you create a page using a Blueprint, Confluence automatically organizes your Meeting Notes, File Lists, and Product Requirements in each space under ‘index pages’. Automatically generated Space Shortcuts in the Space Sidebar provide quick access to these index pages so teams have one place to find the work they need to get their jobs done. From any index page a user can create new Meeting Notes, File Lists, or Product Requirements in a single-click.

Confluence Blueprints Create from Template Macro

Creating new Blueprints from index pages is made easy using the ‘Create from template’ macro. While this macro was originally created for use on Blueprints index pages, it’s possible to use it on any Confluence page. We’ve found it incredibly useful for streamlining other business practices, such as creating project plans.

Two new parameters, editable in the Macro Browser, allow you to define dynamic page titles and can specify which space the page is created in to help everyone keep content organized in one place no matter what space they are working from.

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