We’re fortunate to have an amazing developer ecosystem building useful and powerful Atlassian plugins, each plugin providing additional functionality and features that make our products better. In the spirit of the new year, I thought I’d share a few cool plugins that were introduced in 2010. But creating a short list of cool plugins is about as hard as choosing between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. My original plan was to highlight five cool plugins, but after looking at download statistics, customer reviews, and after speaking with a few folks here at Atlassian, I couldn’t possibly keep the list at five. So here you have it, 15 cool plugins introduced in 2010. See you in 2011!

Easily detect duplicate Jira issues with SuggestiMate for Jira


SuggestiMate for Jira provides very powerful functionality around avoiding and attacking duplicate Jira issues. SuggestiMate is perfect for any project that allows its users to create bugs, such as open source projects, websites, and anything else.

Customize Confluence’s user interface with Zen Foundation


Zen Foundation makes customizing the look and feel of Confluence quick and simple, and possible for users who don’t have a strong grasp of HTML and CSS.

Easy Selenium functional testing with Bamboo Sauce


The Bamboo Sauce plugin integrates Bamboo, our continuous integration server, with Sauce Labs’ hosted Selenium solution, to make Selenium functional testing easy in Bamboo. Bamboo Sauce lets Bamboo fire and track Selenium tests, enabling you to specify an OS and browser. A video is recorded during the test, allowing you to see exactly where a failed test went wrong.

Visualize project schedules with Jira Gantt Chart


Gantt charts show estimated start and end dates for parts of a project, providing a powerful and clear high-level overview for project managers. Jira Gantt Chart takes information from Jira and builds a Gantt chart.

Manage plugins with the Universal Plugin Manager


The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) allows an administrator to easily search for, install, and manage Atlassian plugins. The UPM downloads and installs a plugin with a single click, and it’s bundled in Confluence 3.4 and will be bundled in Jira 4.3.

Google Docs Connector for Confluence


With the Google Docs Connector for Confluence, you’re able to view all your Google Docs within Confluence, broadening your toolset and bringing all collaborative material into one place. This connector will let you embed, open, and preview Google documents.

Use Confluence on your smart phone with Mini Confluence


The Mini Confluence plugin is your solution for Confluence on Android and iPhone. The plugin provides an API that iPhone and Android native applications connect to, allowing for a fast and native mobile experience. Bugbox, featured below, provides the same functionality for Jira.

Use Jira on your smart phone with Bugbox


Bugbox creates a native, smooth experience for interacting with Jira on Android and iPhone. Bugbox has two parts: a plugin in Jira that exposes an API; and a mobile application, with current support on Android and iPhone. Mini Confluence, featured above, provides the same functionality for Confluence.

TaskDoc task tracking in Jira


TaskDoc is a popular Confluence plugin that lets a team track tasks from within Confluence. With TaskDoc for Jira, create and synchronize tasks in Jira directly from Confluence, giving Jira users one queue for tasks across both systems.

Put a face to your development with Jira Wallboards


Wallboards, or information radiators, are one-screen views into the progress or status of a software project, and they’re becoming more and more popular among engineering teams. The Jira Wallboards plugin displays beautiful and useful information radiators, ready to be displayed on a monitor, projector, or big-screen television.

The Atlassian Visual Studio Connector


The Atlassian Visual Studio Connector gives Visual Studio users an IDE viewing pane with their Jira issues and Bamboo builds, connecting <a href="Jira, Bamboo, and Visual Studio. Now developers can learn about relevant Jira issues and builds without leaving their IDE. Atlassian supports IDE connectors for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, too.

Convert Confluence pages to Microsoft Word documents with Scroll Office


Scroll Office converts Confluence pages to MS Word documents, allowing a team to collaborate in Confluence and produce downloadable and printable Word documents.

Track requirements with synapseRT in Jira


synapseRT adds requirements and test case tracking to Jira, providing linking between issues, requirements, and test cases. A dashboard shows an overhead view of how a project’s requirements are being met.

Easier Jira attachments with drag and drop


The Jira attachment drag and drop plugin lets you drag files from your computer into Jira, greatly simplifying the process of attaching files.

Fully release new code with a single click


The Bamboo Release Management plugin lets you run a release build, publish the artifacts, tag the version in SCM, release the version in Jira, create a branch for the next version in SCM, and switch the build to use the new branch, all with a single click.

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