That’s right, only 13 days left before four awesome developers win $45,000 in cash prizes. What are you waiting for?

If this news comes to you as a surprise, it’s not too late. Codegeist is our annual Add-on development contest. If you have an idea, some code skills, and a desire to win you’ve still got 13 days to submit your add-on.

Here are some noteworthy entries so far:

  • Ad hoc Canvas

    by Comalatech
    Ad hoc Canvas lets you visualize and organize your Confluence content. Get an overview of pages, and organize content by dragging on boards or checking-off lists.
    Products: Confluence   Categories: Custom Fields, Document Management, Image, Visualization & Reporting   Free or Paid: Paid via Atlassian
  • Atla-Search Plugin

    by J-Tricks
    Atla-Search plugin facilitates the searching of various Atlassian applications right from your Jira instance!

    All you need is an Application Link between the host Jira, where the plugin is installed, and other supported applications.

    Products: Jira, Confluence, Fisheye, Crucible   Categories: Collaboration, Integration   Free or Paid: Paid via Vendor
  • Buccaneer

    by Julien Hoarau
    Lets you navigate your source code on Stash as a pirate on the high seas.
    Products: Stash   Categories: Source Code & Version Control   Free or Paid: Free
  • Compass – The UI Extension

    by aevolu – Andreas Spall
    Feel free to try my plugin if you want one of the following functionalities. See directly which field has the focus. Get context sensitive field description / help. Use a wizard to create issues.
    Products: Jira   Categories: Custom Fields, Service & Help Desk, Themes & Styles   Free or Paid: Free
  • DocMiner 2

    by DocMiner
    DocMiner is an amazing bridge between enterprise documents and IT processes.
    Products: Jira   Categories: Collaboration, Document Management, Image, Visualization & Reporting, Integration, Project Management, Requirements   Free or Paid: Paid via Atlassian
  • HTTP Request Workflow Function

    This plugin adds a configurable postprocessing workflow function to a Jira instance that is able to pass workflow specific parameters in a HTTP request to a specified target host.
    Products: Jira   Categories: Workflow   Free or Paid: Free
  • JEditor

    by PluginFactory software
    JEditor is an add-on for Jira that renders Rich Text Editor for text area fields like Description or Comment. JEditor is a painless way to create and edit your Jira issues.
    Products: Jira   Categories: Admin Tools, Collaboration, Custom Fields, Document Management, Integration   Free or Paid: Paid via Atlassian
  • KCF-Additional custom fields

    by Kepler-Rominfo
    Kepler Custom Fields is a suite of free custom fields that we found very useful when working with Jira.
    Products: Jira   Categories: Custom Fields   Free or Paid: Free
  • Profields

    by DEISER
    Profields is the way created by deiser to solve JRA-1991. Many companies need to have project-level information according their policies, standards or procedures. If you are using Jira as your Project Management Tool, or as part of your CMMi supporting tools or many other scenarios, you will probably have to store information about the whole project; in fact about each of all your projects. With Profields you will get it.
    Products: Jira   Categories: Admin Tools, Custom Fields, Gadgets, Project Management, Testing & QA   Free or Paid: Paid via Atlassian
  • Scroll Versions

    by K15t Software GmbH
    Deliver great documentation for your products! With Scroll Version you can manage and author multiple versions of the documentation in one Confluence space, improve content re-use, and use permalinks and duplicate page titles (!).
    Products: Confluence   Categories: Build, Release & Deploy, Collaboration, Document Management, Project Management, Requirements, Source Code & Version Control, Testing & QA, Themes & Styles, Workflow   Free or Paid: Paid via Atlassian
  • Table Grid Editor

    by iDalko
    The table grid plugin is a Jira custom field plugin allowing you to view and edit database data in a tabular fashion. It allows you to store detailed information in an external database while keeping process related information within Jira.
    Products: Jira   Categories: Custom Fields   Free or Paid: Paid via Atlassian
  • Timesheet for Jira

    by i4ware Software
    A Timesheet for Jira Plugin.
    Products: Jira   Categories: Project Management, Worklog & Time-tracking   Free or Paid: Paid via Atlassian

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