Today, December 21st 2012, marks the end of the Mayan calendar, and many speculate we’ll have an Apocalypse before the day is over. If you’re reading this, you’re either just as skeptical as I am, or you love the iPad you got for Christmas so much that you want to spend your precious last hours reading blog posts online.

It’s the end of yet another awesome year in the land of Jira. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of 2012.

Fun Projects

Jira origami bugJIRA-gami: If you’re looking for stocking stuffers just in case we make it to Christmas, download the origami bug and test your folding skills. Just don’t print double-sided, or you’ll fold over your instructions!

Git up and running: You’ve been wanting to start a side project, and you’ll want to share your code with a few people. Set up Bitbucket and get it talking with Jira in minutes. You can add new users to both applications in a single step, and smart commits let you update your team on progress and take action on Jira issues, all from a single commit.

Confluence Magic: Copy the link to any Jira issue and paste it directly onto a Confluence page. Confluence will automatically create a two-way link, and display the issue key and summary right on the page!

Technical Projects

Maybe you’re reading this on December 22nd. I know – you’ve already cleared your calendar expecting the world to end, so what are you going to do with all your free time? Here are a few projects to kill a couple of hours, since everybody else is going about their normal day.

Everybody’s got an app: make yours better by capturing user feedback with Jira Mobile Connect for iOS applications.

Set up a webhook: webhooks let you send notifications of Jira activity to other applications. Set one up using Nick’s example guide: setting up a webhook to send an SMS.

Get a jump on 2013 performance and scalability testing: this is perhaps the most excited way you can spend your holiday break! Play around with the Jira Data Generator plugin and test all kinds of configurations you may experience one day. When your boss comes back in January, he’ll be so impressed when you give him estimates of application performance, he may just give you budget for a sweet new piece of hardware on the spot!

Killer Releases

This year we had three major releases for the Jira Family! Check out the dot-oh’s:

GreenHopper 6Jira 5– Jira goes social! Connect the dots between people, activity and applications

Bonfire 2 – Test together! Connecting people and teams involved in software development and testing

GreenHopper 6 – Unlock the power of agile with killer functionality for Agile teams of all experience levels.

Our Awesome Customers

Get to know them! Find some camaraderie in these stories as you huddle in your bomb shelter waiting for the end:

Montana non-profit uses Jira to save money: Student Assistance Foundation uses Jira to work more efficiently with less staff, which in turn lets them give more foster care youths the laptops and supplies they need to pursue their dreams of higher education.

California video software company uses Jira and Fisheye to reduce QA response time and connect development to the rest of the org: Telestream uses Jira to save 45 days of work-time per year!

Australia / New Zealand organization works to ensure that composers, songwriters and publishers are rewarded whenever their musical works are played, performed or reproduced: Why did APRA|AMCOS Go Jira?

The End is Here?

If the 2012 Apocalypse comes, what’s the one thing about Jira you’ll miss?

12 Favorites of Jira in 2012...