With over 1,270 downloads in just 20 days, and new customers like Sony and HTC, Team Calendars is quickly becoming the must-have add-on for your Confluence wiki.

Released on June 6th, 2011, Team Calendars was built from the ground up for collaborative teams that use Confluence, connecting your people, projects, and content. In this post I’ll highlight 10 reasons why Team Calendars a great solution for scheduling your team’s leave, tracking your projects, and planning your events.

1. Schedule Team Leave with People Calendars


People Calendars help you schedule team leave and travel planning, create your support and IT on-call team rosters, and and most importantly, help you plan who stocks the team beer fridge.

Creating rosters, scheduling team leave, and planning travel just go a whole lot easier since you always know the whereabouts of your teammates.

2. Track Projects with Jira Calendars


Communicating the release plans for your projects is quick and easy with Jira Calendars.

Pull project version and issue due dates into Confluence where everyone can see them – keeping your project on track. View them alongside your People Calendars to see how your team’s availability will impact your release schedule.

3. Plan Anything with Event Calendars


Event Calendars are perfect for sharing company milestones, team events, training sessions, public holidays, or any other type of event. Put them on a calendar that everyone can see and subscribe to.

4. Link Events to Wiki Content


Link Calendars to Spaces and events to pages – release notes, launch plans, specifications, anything. A product launch, software release, or company events’ contextual information is just a single click away thanks to Team Calendars.

5. Build Calendar Mashups


Creating new and subscribing to existing Team calendars is quick and easy allowing you to build your own view of Team Calendars. See your People, Jira, and Event calendars alongside each other and learn how your team’s leave impacts current and upcoming projects, and any events that you have planned.

6. View Upcoming Events


Stay on top of what’s happening from your Confluence Dashboard with a view of upcoming events of the Team Calendars you’re subscribed to. See who’s on leave, what issues and projects are due, and any planned events. You’ll always be in-the-loop thanks to Team Calendars.

7. Subscribe to Google and iCal Calendars


Build your own single source of truth. Bring your calendars that live outside Confluence – Google and iCal – into Team Calendars. Mash them up with your existing Team Calendars so you have one place to go and view all your team events.

8. View Team Calendars in Microsoft Outlook


If you live in email all day long you can still stay-in-touch by subscribing to Team Calendars from your favorite email client, like Outlook. Any tool that supports the iCal format, you can use to subscribe to your Team Calendars.

9. Embed Team Calendars in Wiki Pages


Embed your calendars on any page to keep everyone up-to-date. Put a Jira Calendar on your Development Team Dashboard in Confluence so your whole team can charge towards a common goal.

10. Find Popular Calendars and Share Existing Calendars


We’ve made it easy to discover popular calendars upon your first visit and search at any time to discover new calendars to help you build your own single source of truth.


When you find a calendar that your team should know about, it’s quick and easy to share them with the rest of your team.

One more reason…

If these 10 reasons are not enough to convince you to try Team Calendars, how about a whopping 40% off!

That’s right, for a limited time Atlassian is giving you 40% off new Team Calendars licenses to celebrate its launch. Go get it, try it out, and let us know what you think.

10 reasons Why You Should Try Team Calendars...