Oh December, how we love thee… sugar plums dance upon office snack tables, Hollywood finally releases the year’s Oscar contenders to theaters, and you can’t so much as refill your egg-nog without tripping on a Top 10 list. So in the grand tradition of news anchors, the Billboard charts and every teen magazine in publication, we’ve put together a list of our own. Drumroll please!…

#10: Rerun Builds

Ever released a broken build to production? It’s ok, you can admit it – we’re all friends here. With our #10 feature of 2012, you can re-run the previous deploy to rollback, giving you the breathing room to fix and test it properly. ‘Cuz we all know hasty patches rarely endure, and sometimes cause more trouble than the original bug.

#9: Multiple Build Triggers

Lots of customer requests for this one. Most builds get triggered when new changes are detected in the repo. But for projects that rely on 3rd-parties (and really: between payment providers and open source dependencies, what project doesn’t?), it’s good practice to build at least once a day. This pulls in upstream changes and catches any regressions at the integration points right away – when they’re cheapest to fix. Now you can do both.

#8: Stash Integration

Here at Atlassian, we live, breathe and bleed Git. Once the exclusive realm of whiz-kid start-ups, open source projects and hacker luminaries, Git has gone mainstream. And in June, Stash brought Git to the Enterprise. Bamboo integrates with Stash so you can jump from a build result directly to the corresponding revision to browse commits, diffs and the source code itself. With all the improved support for Git we introduced this year, it seemed only natural to make Stash our new BFF.

#7: Broken Build Tracking

Know what we hate? Nag-mails. Hate getting them, and really hate sending them. Thankfully, Bamboo takes care of that now. With broken build tracking, you can choose to assign responsibility for failed builds to a project lead, or to any & all users who contributed code changes since the last successful build. You can also adjust ownership as the diagnosis proceeds. Either way, Bamboo will send reminders until the build is green again.

#6: Issue-to-Branch Links

How many times a day are your devs yanked out of the zone by someone asking if that bug is fixed or if that user story is passing all it’s tests? If you’re taking advantage of this feature, you know the answer without thinking: ZERO. Using a Jira issue key in the name of Git & Hg branches creates a link between the branch and it’s namesake issue. Product owners, testers and other stakeholders see the branch’s latest build status right inside the Jira issue – no context switching or developer interruptions required. We love this one so much, we made a little video about it.

That’s all for today. You didn’t think we’d spill it all in one go, did you?  We’ll be back on Monday to lay down numbers 5 through 1. In the meantime, browse through the complete list of new features from 2012, then start a free trial and discover which one is your favorite!

Already using Bamboo? Cast your vote in our 2012 “Builder’s Choice Awards”! We’ll announce the results in January.

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