Greetings from Atlassian Summit, happening right now in beautiful Barcelona. We have more than 1,500 customers, partners, experts, and staff assembled to talk about our product updates, share best practices and tips, and be inspired by all the amazing things people are doing with the Atlassian suite. Speaking of amazing, did you know someone recently used Jira to plan their wedding?

Thanks to your feedback throughout the year, our cloud product teams have been working around the clock to ship new features and updates. Here is the latest news we shared at Summit today.

The Atlassian Cloud platform; bigger and better than ever

We want everyone in your organization to be able to use Atlassian Cloud products, so we have made significant changes to the number of users we can support, product performance, and security and privacy. We are increasing our user limit to 5,000 seats starting with Jira and Confluence Cloud for which you can join the early access program today. But productivity isn’t just about user count, it is also about performance. We have increased the Jira Cloud performance index by 25%, and the Confluence Cloud performance index by 20%. We are also adding more data centers around the globe in order to support faster and smoother performance. This will continue to be an area of great focus for our cloud products this year.

In terms of security and privacy, we have finished the foundational work to make our products and practices compliant with GDPR. We’ve also successfully achieved three different ISO certifications for Jira and Confluence and SOC 2 Type II for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. We know that these certifications are a strong endorsement of industry benchmarks that will allow many of you to sleep easy at night. Over the next year, we will expand certifications to the rest of our products so we can make it easy for you to adopt all our Cloud products at Enterprise scale.

Finally, last year we launched Atlassian Access, which provides you with a single command center to manager users and control access to all your products. Access works across all the Cloud products you use on the Atlassian suite, which will soon include Trello. We’ve partnered with Okta and Microsoft Active Directory to provide built-in connectors so you can easily plug your user directory into your Atlassian organization, which means less manual work for your admins and increased security for your business.

Next generation Jira Software Cloud

We’ve made significant updates to Jira Software Cloud to ensure the product is ready for the next generation of software development. At the heart of these changes is the idea that teams should have the agility to respond to change, fast. With our next-gen Kanban and Scrum boards, teams can adjust their workflow on the fly and as the need arises.

Whether your team works in Kanban, Scrum or anything in between, it’s now easier than ever for teams to design their own way of working. This is possible thanks to a vastly simplified Jira configuration experience that allows teams to add or remove features and functionality in a few clicks, including things like creating custom issue types, fields, and workflow rules.

Best of all, with our new project experience, each team is able to create or customize a project without impacting anything at a macro-level. And this is just the tip of the iceberg: there are several new cloud-first integrations, we’ve completely redesigned the look and feel of the Jira issue, and we have more exciting updates on the way.

Evolving code review in Bitbucket Cloud

Bitbucket Cloud is rebuilding its pull requests from the ground up in order to modernize the practice of code review. They’ve redesigned the pull request navigation and UI, making it easier to navigate, collaborate, and review efficiently. In user testing, Bitbucket saw reviewers reduce their time-to-approve by 21% in this new UI.

A code-first, single-page design helps reviewers find the information they need faster than viewing an activity feed like you’d see in other products. Here is a sneak peek of the new code review Bitbucket announced, which will be ready to try later this month.

Bitbucket Pipelines integrates with Jira Software

Bitbucket Cloud’s popular continuous delivery tool, Bitbucket Pipelines, is now integrated with Jira Software, giving every team continuous visibility and traceability from development to release. Now you can see which Jira issues are associated with each deployment from the Bitbucket Deployment dashboard, and get the context you need to deploy frequently.

Soon, Bitbucket Cloud will extend the integration to bring Bitbucket build and deployment status to Jira, allowing the entire team, from PMs, Support, QA, or Marketing, to track which parts of a feature have been released to customers and which are still in testing or staging environments. Read more about Jira issues in deployments here.

Jira Service Desk Cloud gets a redesign

Jira Service Desk Cloud has several new enhancements that will empower IT teams to deliver a first-class service experience. With the help of feedback from hundreds of customers, the product team redesigned the help center to encourage effortless self-service.

Knowledge is now front and center, giving your customers the ability to browse through relevant knowledge base articles and find answers on their own. But if they still have questions, customers can easily submit requests through easy-to-read cards, accessible search, and intuitive drop-down menus in the help center. All of this means more deflected requests and more accurately submitted forms for your team.

help center jira service desk cloud

To further improve the help experience, agents can now manage knowledge base articles directly from Jira Service Desk. And thanks to Jira Service Desk for Mobile, a first-class service experience extends beyond the desktop as well. Agents can now stay on top of their queues and respond to urgent issues on the go, ensuring customers get quality service whenever and wherever.

Continuing our partnership with Slack with a Confluence integration

Our partnership with Slack lets us offer our customers the best of both worlds: Atlassian’s leading collaboration products combined with Slack’s communications platform. In addition to our Slack apps for Jira, Bitbucket, and Trello, today we launched the new Confluence Cloud app for Slack, giving you one place to stay up to date on the work that’s happening in Confluence from within Slack.

With the new app you can:

  • Customize and receive granular notifications to stay on top of changes to your spaces, pages, or blogs in Confluence
  • See link previews for pages, blogs, and comments when you share links in your channel
  • Take action on content such as replying to a comment or liking a page without ever leaving Slack

Didn’t make it to Summit this year? Join along for the fun at our livestream video and follow the trends with the #AtlassianSummit hashtag on Twitter.

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