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Atlassian Ventures was established in late 2020 with an initial investment of $50M to propel our mission to unleash the potential of every team. Our goal was simple: support awesome companies driving collaboration for teams on the cloud.

Today, just shy of 1.5 years since its inception, we have deployed over $110M in funding. Through our investments, we now support over 30 organizations growing with Atlassian’s cloud products and platform.

We’re already ahead of schedule – and just getting started! This means loads of opportunity for SaaS startups looking to work with Atlassian’s cloud products and platform.

Timeline of Atlassian Ventures' investments.

We’re passionate about funding the future of work and new ways to collaborate in the cloud. And we partner with companies who share excitement for our mission to unleash the potential of teams and connect with our values.

Atlassian is an Australian-based 🇦🇺, geographically distributed company. We have employees on five continents, which gives us a global, work-from-anywhere perspective as we invest. To date, our portfolio includes founders and CEOs in 13 countries around the world, with more than 50% outside of North America and nearly 75% outside of Silicon Valley.

Map showing Atlassian Ventures' investments in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In true Atlassian fashion, we have big plans for Atlassian Ventures. So if you’re a leader looking for outside investment, listen up.

Our goal is to build a world-class venture capital fund. We measure our success by how well we help founders grow their companies through Atlassian. That success is accelerated by helping you access and integrate with Atlassian’s cloud platform, our 200,000+ cloud customers, and tens of millions of active users. We want to help you unleash your team’s potential.

A peek at our portfolio to date

At Atlassian Ventures, we invest in companies across three focus areas where Atlassian can uniquely accelerate growth:

  1. Early-stage startups building apps integrated into Atlassian cloud products and monetized through the Atlassian Marketplace
  2. Growth-stage startups deepening their partnerships with Atlassian
  3. Atlassian channel partners creating new cloud products and services that support the future of teamwork

Let’s look at a few examples from our portfolio.


As a company focused on alleviating the pain around onboarding engineers, Edify is a great example of how Atlassian Ventures invests across the entire value chain of the future of work. And our relationship with Founder and CEO Kristen Buchanan goes beyond funding. In Kristen’s words:

Edify logo

“Having Atlassian Ventures as an investor in Edify has been not only validating but it’s also been incredibly valuable. The team has always been open and transparent, and they’ve connected us with potential customers and mentors. I’d highly recommend them to any dev tools company!”


Snyk is a great example of a company that is growing alongside Atlassian Ventures and whose core user base (developers around the world) overlaps with Atlassian’s. In the words of CEO, Peter McKay:

Snyk logo

“Atlassian Ventures invested in Snyk as enterprises of all sizes are increasingly choosing Snyk as their developer-first security solution. Our deep partnership includes native Snyk integration in Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud, Code Insights, Bitbucket Pipelines, and Jira, allowing us to accelerate growth at every level and achieve our founding vision to empower every one of the world’s 27 million developers.”


When the team at Fine Software approached us about their JXL Marketplace app, we felt immediate chemistry. With the backing of Atlassian Ventures, the JXL app has a four-star rating on the Atlassian Marketplace, was chosen as a Staff Pick, and achieved Cloud Fortified status, which is our highest security rating for Cloud-based Marketplace apps. In the words of co-Founder and co-CEO Daniel Franz:

“As former Atlassians, we know firsthand the unique opportunities unlocked by the Atlassian platform. Our partnership with Atlassian Ventures has provided the resources to develop innovative products like JXL Spreadsheets for Jira, designed to help our customers transform businesses.”


Our partnership with Split is a case study in creating strategic business value. Our investments in Split have driven growing momentum across product and business integrations. As CEO Brian Bell puts it:

Split logo

“Partnering with Atlassian Ventures has given us access to business expertise and global reach that we wouldn’t have thought possible at this stage in our growth. Atlassian Ventures’ investment has allowed us to strengthen alignment with Atlassian product teams and to accelerate product integrations and joint go-to-market opportunities.”

Let’s do this!

In less than 18 months we’ve more than doubled our initial $50M fund. We’re setting our sights on a much bigger goal, several times larger than the $110M invested today, and we’re building a dedicated team inside Atlassian to support Ventures and our portfolio founders.

We say that we want to be the best venture capital firm on the planet – and we mean it. Founders, we want to support you. If accepted into the Ventures program, you can look forward to:

  • Unique exposure to our Atlassian economy of 10 million-plus active users and over 200,000 cloud customers
  • A strengthening cloud development platform and vibrant developer ecosystem
  • Greater volume and velocity of investments to help you unleash the potential of every team across any organization and remote-work use case on the planet

If you’re interested in applying for funding and having Atlassian support you on your journey, get started today. Have questions? Give us a holler at Or, if you’ll be joining Team ’22 in person in Las Vegas next week, stop by the Atlassian Ventures booth on the expo floor to meet our team.

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