Featured Atlassian add-ons: Survey and Vote Macros, Script Runner, Lucidchart for Cloud, Numbered Headlines, Evernote Integration

the-easy-wayThe devil’s in the details, they say. And those little details can send you up a wall if they’re not working just right. Your real work is too important to let stuff like this get to you. The Atlassian Marketplace has a vast array of useful, and some free, add-ons to take care of the everyday hassles, so you can get back to work.

Let’s take a brief look at five simple ways to make life easier.

  1. Survey and Vote Macros for Confluence

Do you need to create a survey? Do you want control over who can vote or see the results of the survey? These macros make creating a survey as easy as a few clicks! You can receive immediate results, evaluate a single question, and control all of your macros from a centralized administration section. If you want to add a survey or poll to your Confluence page, this is the way to go!

  1. Script Runner for Jira

Script Runner offers a collection of JQL functions, listeners, services, and workflow functions. Oh, and did we mention that you can easily create your own calculated custom fields?

  1. Lucidchart for Confluence Cloud

Do you want to view Visio files? Lucidchart makes it both easy and affordable. Lucidchart makes it easy to quickly draw diagrams and then insert them into the Confluence Cloud environment. And just to make your life even easier, it will work on any internet-enabled device. In addition, it’s integrated with Google Drive and Google Apps.

  1. Numbered Headings for Confluence

Numbered Headings is incredibly easy to use: simply wrap it around your content and you’re done! You get instant feedback because numbering is added to headings in both the Confluence editor and the macro browser. Numbered Headings for Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud makes it simple to reference headings in your content.

  1. Evernote Integration for Confluence

The Evernote add-on allows you to paste any type of note to Confluence pages from your Evernote account. You can easily share audio, video, photos, table, and text notes with your team in the Confluence environment. You can create a new page from your note just by clicking the Create button. Your team can edit the note you copy to Confluence, but the original note in Evernote will remain gloriously unchanged.

About these add-ons:  Survey and Vote Macros, Script Runner, Lucidchart for Cloud, Numbered Headlines, and Evernote Integration are add-ons available within the Atlassian Marketplace. These add-ons are designed to increase your creativity and productivity by allowing you to customize and enhance your Atlassian applications. Additional information and other add-ons can be found at https://marketplace.atlassian.com. Looking to build your own add-on? Check out https://developer.atlassian.com to see how.

Five ways to make your life easier using Atlassian...