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Staying on top of your work can be challenging in today’s world of multiple time zones, different methods of communication and constant context switching. Wouldn’t it be nice to get all the information you need without having to log in to several apps to understand what the issue is? No matter where you are – the office, on the bus home, or catching a flight – stay up to speed on all your relevant Jira and Bitbucket Cloud work without painful context switching. Say hello to the Atlassian Cloud for Gmail add-on. 

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Once you’ve linked your Jira Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud accounts with Gmail, you’ll never want to go back to your old workflow. From within your email, you can contextually surface information based on messages you’ve received to view the status of any ticket or pull request, and organize your work for the day. Stop spending time switching from one application to the next. Now you can easily access the status, recent comments, and assignee of any Jira Cloud or Bitbucket issue directly from Gmail, allowing you to move work forward more quickly.

Work directly from Gmail

The Atlassian Cloud for Gmail allows you to perform several actions directly from a message in Gmail when a Jira or Bitbucket link is present in an email. These new actions in Gmail allow you to:

  • Read all current Jira or Bitbucket issue comments
  • Comment directly on an issue
  • Merge a Bitbucket Cloud pull request
  • Re-run a Bitbucket pipeline
  • See a colleague’s profile via their avatar gif showing the use of the Atlassian Cloud integration for Gmail

    Links should be more than just a click to another tab. The new integration between Atlassian and Gmail allows your linked Jira and Bitbucket issues to provide you with context about the work you are doing, wherever you are doing it. You can even start responding on-the-go, with the Gmail app for mobile.

    Get started by adding the Atlassian Cloud add-on located under settings on the right side panel of your Gmail inbox and authorize access to your accounts. Making informed decisions and taking actions with Atlassian products has never been easier to doTry out the Atlassian and Trello apps today and check out these other apps and integrations available for G Suite products!

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Introducing Atlassian Cloud for Gmail