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Featured Hipchat add-ons: Giphy, HipGif, and Quote of the Day

Add-ons don’t have to be all about ease and efficiency. Some of them aim to satisfy more intangible wants, such as a yen for spontaneity and wit. It so happens that the three add-ons for Hipchat we’d like to highlight today are all about bringing creative expression into the chat room. Take a minute to explore these great—free—add-ons, and keep them on hand for any time you want to drop a dollop of levity into the conversation.

A gif is worth a thousand words

Motivation MemeIn the grand marketplace of ideas, words are but one currency. Don’t limit your modes of communication with your team. Sometimes, you just have to say it with a gif. After all, nothing conveys the intensity of your thoughts and feelings like the image of a pratfall on a permanent loop. Luckily, there’s Giphy and HipGif two apps that put the power of the gif at your fingertips and let you drop them straight into the chat room.

With these two Hipchat add-ons, you can easily search the world’s largest gif library and share the gif in chat. You can also choose the rating of your gif (G, PG, PG-13, R, ALL) to ensure the appropriateness of your message.

fd3Punctuate your thoughts and ideas with a captivating image. Inject humor into a dull discussion. Help the people you’re chatting with digest your
viewpoint by giving them a fun gif(t) that they can see again and again. Giphy and HipGif help you display your personality and create shared moments of spontaneous glee.

A Moment of Reflection

For those less prone to gif memes, there’s Quote of the Day, which elevates the tenor of the chat room with randomly selected pearls of wisdom that have been plucked from the annals of great quotes.

While humor is a great stress reliever and it can be the perfect way to bond, sometimes what we need is inspiration. Explore the ideas of great thinkers from every walk of life. Share with your fellow colleagues the most well-written and insightful thoughts about love, motivation, and happiness. And when it comes to creative ideas in the workplace, a little outside perspective never hurts.

Giphy, HipGif, and Quote of the Day are available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Looking to build your own add-on? Check out the Atlassian Developers site.

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