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New technology platforms and measurement tools are making marketers a little crazy. Look no further than the complex Marketing Technology LUMAscape to feel overwhelmed.
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With new tools popping up every day, it can be daunting to find the best ways to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and create workflows.

Atlassian customers, take heart: we can help. Not by showing marketing teams how to use project management tools that software teams love (though we do that, too), but by offering killer integrations, add-ons, and plug-ins to the tools marketing teams already enjoy to make all Atlassian tools powerful in your marketing toolbelt.

Check out these five ways your marketing team can take advantage of Atlassian marketplace apps to connect the dots of the marketing technology “LUMAscape.”

Keep your team up to date on published content

WordPress for Hipchat is an integration that allows marketing teams to automate real-time notifications  when blog content is published. This integration sends a message to any Hipchat room when a new post is published, allowing marketers to start discussions about content marketing as it happens. What’s great about this integration is you can select certain rooms, such as the content marketing and/or a specific product team, so notifications are sent to a targeted audience. This allows you to avoid blasting the entire company when something goes live. This feature is especially useful for teams with a jam-packed content calendar.

Showcase your marketing campaign flow with diagramming tools

Say goodbye to the days when a boring .ppt would be sufficient to showcase your upcoming drip campaign, marketing funnel analysis, or even your GTM product launch plan. Now, marketers can take advantage of tools like Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence. This tool allows marketers to create and collaborate on visual diagrams for GTM roadmaps, user journey flows, org charts, and more. Now marketers can easily communicate complex plans in a digestible and editable format.



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Coordinate, manage, and produce emails in a collaborative manner

Any email marketer knows there’s a lot more than just copywriting and hitting send to coordinate a strategic and effective email campaign. Tools like Outgoing Email Workflow provide a solid workflow for managing and tracking all stages of email campaign development, including managing and tracking all stages, content drafts, design elements, collaboration, approvals, edits, tests, tracking, and archives.

Keep your intranet fresh and up to date with archiving tools

Any marketer that’s had to sift through ancient Google docs or determine which of the eight versions of a draft is most recent understands the pain and inefficiency of outdated information. With the Archiving Plugin for Confluence, you can now automate content health checks for technical documentation, intranet pages, knowledge bases, records, or any other type of content. Update stale pages to prevent costly errors, or archive them to remove the clutter. Move the pages that reached their end-of-life to hidden archive spaces, along with their attachments, comments, labels, and other assets.

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Integrate your CRM data with Jira’s project planning platform

Most marketers use some type of CRM system to track the status of leads, to look up customer information, and port customer data directly into projects. But toggling back and forth between your project management software and your customer information warehouse is a pain. A great tool for automatically porting customer data into projects is the Salesforce & Jira Server Connector. Now you can import the necessary data into your projects in the form of Jira issues. Also, this app lets you create Jira issues, like a customer case study, right from the Salesforce UI.

As marketing becomes a more technical discipline, it’s imperative to find tools that streamline processes, help teams communicate, and enhance work transparency. With these 5 integrations and apps (not to mention hundreds more in the Atlassian Marketplace), marketers can get tremendous ROI from their marketing technology stack.

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