Last week, we released Confluence 5.7, which helps teams collaborate more easily with inline comments. While all Confluence users will enjoy the ability to comment on project plans, MS Office files, images, and more, Confluence 5.7 also includes special capabilities for system administrators using the Data Center deployment option for Confluence.

Confluence Data Center, designed to give our largest customers the high availability and performance at scale they need for business critical applications, already provides active-active clustering and instant scalability. However, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to add value for our enterprise customers, and free system administrators up to focus on more strategic tasks.

We know that having as much detail as possible about your installation and environment is crucial for successfully increasing your enterprise application’s throughput and avoiding performance degradation.  

With the new performance monitoring console in Confluence Data Center 5.7, you can now save time by viewing detailed vital statistics and identifying problem areas within your environment–all without ever having to leave the current node!

Let’s take a peek at the information the new monitoring console will provide:

Clustering Console: One stop shop to understanding what’s going on in the overall cluster

  • Displays the node you’re currently running on and provides uptime statistics
  • Shows system and heap usage of each node


If one of your servers is misbehaving, you can view additional consoles to easily identify where the issue is originating from.

Runtime Information: Quickly identify your problem areas

  • Gain deeper reporting of memory and CPU usage
  • View a quick snapshot of overall health of the application


Cache statistics: Pinpoint and tune poor performing caches at a glance

  • Displays current usage of each application and/or module currently running
  • Highlights caches with redundant space allocation


Live activity: Identify prime candidates for possible performance inhibitors

  • View slow requests and long running tasks on a per-user basis
  • Use the search feature to easily locate long-running tasks


Existing Confluence Data Center customer? Our documentation will walk you through upgrading to Confluence Data Center 5.7!

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