Master the complexities of planning with Advanced Roadmaps

Join this free webinar and learn why companies large and small are using Advanced Roadmaps in Jira Software Premium to help manage the complexities of work and to plan more effectively across teams, projects, and initiatives.

The demands put on modern teams have drastically increased the complexities of work; this is true whether you are scaling agile or working across distributed teams. With complexity comes an even greater need for visibility and having the right tools to plan and manage work strategically is critical. 

In this session, you'll learn how Advanced Roadmaps helps organization plan smarter across teams, projects, and initiatives. You will see first-hand through a product demo how Jira Software Premium helps organizations of all sizes improve visibility and drive alignment across teams, projects, and initiatives.

During this webinar, you'll: 

  • See how Advanced Roadmaps provides a greater level of visibility and improves decision making
  • Learn how to account for team capacity and dependencies during planning
  • Learn how to build plans that serve as a shared source of truth for teams and stakeholders
  • Take away best practices on how to get the most out of planning with Advanced Roadmaps
  • Learn more about other features in Jira Software Premium
  • Hear about what's coming soon to the planning experience in Advanced Roadmaps


Kelly Drozd headshot

Kelly Drozd

Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian

Келли — маркетолог продуктов в команде Jira. Она стремится к непрерывному совершенствованию и помогает командам повышать эффективность совместной работы. До перехода в Atlassian Келли руководила внедрением методов Agile и преобразованиями в маркетинговых командах, в том числе масштабированием Jira и Confluence более чем для десятка структурных подразделений и сотен пользователей. В свободное время, когда она не рассказывает миру о мощных инструментах Atlassian для команд, Келли занимается йогой и гуляет с собаками у холмов Сан-Франциско.

Will Howard-McKinney Headshot

Will Howard-McKinney

Product Advocate & Demo Specialist, Atlassian

Will is a dedicated product expert passionate about helping teams and companies get the most out of their Atlassian products. Will has taken his love for working directly with customers and combined it with his expertise in content development and training to create resources that help set customers up for success. When he's not busy creating content or hosting the weekly demo for Jira Software, you can find him cooking and biking or hiking around Austin, TX.