Identity without Borders: Google and Atlassian share tips for better cloud identity management

Identity and access management for both SaaS and on-prem apps is no easy task. Join Google and Atlassian experts to learn how to integrate Google Cloud Identity with your Atlassian tools and simplify your identity and access management.

As many companies companies embark on their journey to the cloud, identity and access management for both SaaS and on-premise apps is vital to ensure the right people have the right access to the right resources. With the constant proliferation of new technologies and platforms, secure and flexible solutions for identity management are essential to effectively drive digital transformation for your organization.

In this webinar, Ravi Kiran Kumar, Product Manager at Google and Helen Xue, Product Manager at Atlassian, break down:

  • The role of identity management in the BeyondCorp (zero trust) security model
  • Why identity and access management is important for the security of your organization
  • What to consider when implementing an identity provider
  • How to connect Google Cloud Identity with Atlassian Cloud products, like Jira and Confluence, so that you can ensure safe and secure collaboration across your organization


Helen Xue headshot

Helen Xue

Product Manager, Atlassian

Helen is a Product Manager who is passionate about delighting admins everywhere. She is currently working on Atlassian Access, a new cloud offering that helps admins manage and secure their users at scale. Previously she worked on simplifying the Jira configuration experience to make admins’ lives a little easier. When she’s not working, you can find her exploring different parts of the world, experimenting with different cuisines, and patting her dog, Avocado.

Ravi Kiran Kumar headshot

Ravi Kiran Kumar

Product Manager, Google

Рави — менеджер по продуктам в Google. Он начал свою карьеру в области разработки ПО, а затем перешел в IBM, чтобы заняться ИТ-консалтингом. Он использовал свои глубокие знания в области ИТ для создания Google Cloud Identity — продукта, который часто использует ИТ-команда для более простого и защищенного управления пользователями, устройствами и приложениями.