Jira Work Management и Jira Software теперь стали Jira — инструментом управления проектами для любых команд. Попробуйте новую версию Jira →

Overview of Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management is the home for business teams to manage projects and processes across the company. No matter your department or the complexity of your work, Jira Work Management enables your team to easily collaborate, align, and deliver work in one place.

Jira Work Management is included free with every Jira license. Jira is built for software teams. Jira Work Management gives you the power of Jira, completely redesigned for business teams. From marketing and operations to sales and human resources, your team can enjoy a tool that’s familiar and easy to use.

With 3,000+ integrations, including Slack, HubSpot, and Google Workspace, Jira Work Management is the most configurable and customizable tool on the market. This gives you cross-team visibility and full control of how you get from idea to done. To see the full potential of this tool, sign up for a live demo of Jira Work Management.

There are endless ways to use Jira Work Management, but as you’ll see in this guide, it only takes a few steps to get started – and it’s free.

Jira Work Management Product Guides

Quickstart guide