Atlassian cloud: what’s new and what’s next

Learn about the recent improvements we’ve delivered in our cloud products as well as the enterprise-ready features and capabilities on our roadmap.

As we’ve doubled down on our investment in cloud, we’re bringing more and more exciting features to our cloud products and adding future functionality to our roadmap. Whether you’re considering migrating to or expanding your usage of Atlassian Cloud products, you’ll want to hear what’s new and what’s next.

Join Partha Kamal, our Head of Cloud Migrations, and Dave Meyer, Sr. Group Product Manager for Enterprise Cloud, as they walk through the new features we’ve added to Atlassian Cloud products within the last two quarters as well as the exciting features on our roadmap - including data residency, industry compliance, cloud user limits, and more.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Our vision for cloud and the major investments we’re making
  • Top features that we’ve recently delivered in cloud
  • A sample of exciting new features we’re planning to deliver in cloud



Partha Kamal

Head of Enterprise

Partha Kamal is the Head of Enterprise Product, responsible for the experience of our Enterprise customers in Cloud and Data Center. Partha has worked in Atlassian in a variety of roles over the last 14 years, including most recently as the Head of Cloud Migrations responsible for the experience of customers migrating from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Cloud. Partha’s favorite Atlassian value is “be the change you seek” and his passion is to ensure customer feedback is heard and actioned. 

Dave Meyer

Senior Group Product Manager

Dave Meyer is a Senior Group Product Manager at Atlassian responsible for development of enterprise cloud offerings, with a focus on administration, identity, and security. Previously he spent time on the Jira team and helped build the Atlassian Marketplace. When he's not chatting with Atlassian customers he's.... actually that's pretty much all he does.