The future of Data Center

For organizations that want or need to remain in a self-managed environment we're continuing to invest in our Data Center products. Join our webinar to learn more about what we’ve shipped this last year in Data Center and what exciting new things we have planned on our roadmap.

We understand that many organizations have business requirements that prevent them from moving to the cloud or require a multi-stage journey before moving to the cloud. In order to support these organizations, we’re continuously investing in new features in Data Center.

In the last alone year, we’ve invested significantly in our Data Center products. As we build on the existing functionality, we’re extending our self-managed edition’s enterprise-grade capabilities. Data Center is, and will continue to be, a great choice for enterprises.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Our vision for Data Center
  • Existing and upcoming features on our roadmap that contribute to our Data Center vision
  • Migration overview



Alison Huselid headshot

Alison Huselid

Head of Product, Jira Align

Alison is Head of Product, Enterprise Agility at Atlassian. She is passionate about building great products for our millions of users and our mission to unleash the potential in every team. Prior to Enterprise Agility, Alison was Head of Product for our Server and Data Center products and has held roles across product marketing, customer support and engineering at large technology companies. In her free time, you’ll find Alison trying to keep up with her three sons and cheering on her beloved Red Sox.