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A new premium plan for Jira Software with features to help teams scale


Jira Software’s Premium plan is designed to help you scale the way you work with confidence. The Premium roadmap is focused on providing a stronger foundation on which to grow, helping you better administer Jira Software at scale with an advanced toolkit, and improving visibility across all the work happening in your instance. 

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This page shows a curated selection of features we’ve released and upcoming features on our roadmap. All forward looking items are subject to change.


Automate tasks and processes across your Jira instance

Save time for you and your team by automating key tasks and processes throughout Jira. Global and multi-project automation rules enable you to build smart automations across as many projects as you'd like with just a single rule. 

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Grow your instance without limits with unlimited storage

Unlimited storage removes boundaries, letting your team upload attachments and files of any size while collaborating.

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Get help when you need it with 24/7 Premium Support

Get 24/7 support with one hour response times for critical issues so you can address challenges more swiftly around the clock.

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Scale confidently with a 99.9% uptime SLA

We are deeply committed to exceptional performance and reliability for all Jira Software Cloud customers. Our 99.9% SLA is a reflection of the confidence we have in the quality of our services.

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In the works

Build a roadmap that incorporates work from multiple teams Coming soon

Aggregate multiple teams' roadmaps into a master roadmap so you can get an eagle eye view over all the work that’s planned, track progress, and get ahead of dependencies and blockers across teams.

Reduce clutter in your Jira Software instance with project archiving Coming coon

We’re introducing project archiving so you can remove projects (and their underlying issues) from Jira Software when they’re no longer active. This can help to reduce clutter in your instance and ensure all projects that your team can access are relevant.

Bolster security with IP allowlisting Coming soon

This feature will provide additional security safeguards to make sure only people from networks you trust can access your instance.

Get smart insights for administrators Coming soon

Understand your product usage and get visibility into security, access, and activity over time.

Test changes before you deploy with a sandbox environment Coming in 2020

Ensure changes to your instance work the way you expect before putting them into production for your team. Customize and test configurations, try third-party apps and integrations, explore new features, and implement changes with confidence.

Customize your company’s Jira Software domain Coming in 2020

Make it easy and intuitive for your users to find their Jira Software work by customizing your Atlassian site with your company's domain. This means your Jira Software site no longer has to be, rather the URL can be any variation of (e.g.