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Personal task tracker template

Keep personal tasks organized with ease.

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What is a personal task tracker template?

A personal task tracker template allows individuals to organize, prioritize, and monitor their tasks effectively.

What does the personal task tracker template include?


The Board view provides a Kanban-style visualization of your working process and the status of each task. This allows you to track, organize, and prioritize tasks across columns that represent your workflow.

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The List view sorts all your project’s work into a single list that can be quickly scanned and sorted by field. You can also use the list to add, edit, and view tasks in your project.

JWM List view


The Calendar view helps you visualize and plan work. It makes it easy to see when tasks are due and get a quick glance at the next few weeks and months.

Calendar screenshot


No matter the complexity of your processes, create customizable workflows with statuses and transitions that map to any style of work.

Workflow screenshot


요약 보기에서 프로젝트 진행률, 우선 순위, 활동, 워크로드 등을 개괄적으로 확인하세요. 사용자, 프로젝트, 작업 등에 대한 통계를 보여주는 미리 구성된 다양한 보고서에 액세스하세요.

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작업의 시작 날짜 및 기한을 설정한 후 캘린더 보기를 사용하여 작업량을 명확하게 파악하세요.

How to get started with the personal task tracker template

This template uses Jira Work Management to help you manage your day-to-day tasks.

1. Add your to-do items

You can choose whether to use the list, board, or calendar view to add items to your ‘to do’ list. Keep it simple or get as granular as you want with attachments, priorities, labels and more.

2. Add start and due dates

You can set start dates and due dates to your work items. This gives you visibility over work on your calendar and timeline ensuring no work slips between the cracks.

3. Prioritize and organize

You can quickly sort your to-do list by priority to help you tackle your highest priority items first and stay on top of your most important tasks.

4. Automate your work

Wherever possible, let the robots do the work. You can set up simple no-code automations to keep your work aligned, set reminders, and connect to your tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack and more.

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