Making the Most of Shadow IT

Shadow IT – tech used in an organization that is not administered by that organization’s IT department – accounts for the majority of the cloud tech at most companies. And though it can pose a threat to security, shadow IT is often the primary driver of innovation and productivity gains. As teams around the globe reckon with the reality of a suddenly remote workforce, a clear-eyed strategy for shadow IT has become a necessity for every enterprise.

Shadow IT is a fact of life, a force you couldn’t simply banish with a security policy. And now that all work has moved to the home office, shadow IT has grown even more prevalent across every company. The task for enterprises now is to balance their approach to managing this shift in the way technology is used for work.

In this webinar, we’ll hear from Atlassian’s Jenna Cline, Head of IT Strategy and Planning, and Sean Baughman, Head of IT Business Platform. They’ll take us through the frameworks that Atlassian’s IT team uses to keep the visibility they need and maintain security while letting other departments control their own tools.

We will cover:

  • What shadow IT is, and where it comes from
  • Why shadow IT is important, and the risks and benefits it presents to enterprises
  • How to strike the right balance between rules and culture, and between security and flexibility.
  • How Atlassian IT draws the line between shadow IT and centralized IT
  • A framework from which to build your own shadow IT policy.
  • The future of shadow IT


Jenna Cline

Head of IT Strategy & Programs at Atlassian

Jenna Cline is the Head of IT Strategy & Planning at Atlassian. In this role, she uses a strategic and programmatic approach for solving business problems with technical solutions, working directly with the CIO to use IT as a business enabler. 

Jenna has more than 20 years of experience from a variety of communications and IT roles, ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 100 companies. This includes most recently serving as a Senior Director and CIO Chief of Staff at Veritas and the Director of Technology Communications and Change Management at Gap Inc. 

She holds a B.A. in Organizational Communications from North Central College. 

Sean Baughman

Head of IT Platform and Enterprise Architecture

アトラシアンの IT & プラットフォーム エンタープライズ アーキテクチャの責任者。アトラシアンの IT システムのエンドツーエンド アーキテクチャ戦略の立案と実施を監督している。これには、コンテンツ システム、ミドルウェア、インテリジェントな自動化から UI ツールやエンジニアリング ツールまで、大規模な企業運営を可能にする多数のシェアード サービスが含まれる。

Microsoft、Paypal、Facebook など、著名なテクノロジー企業で 20 年を超える経験があるが、以下の通り、IT エンジニアとしては、異色のキャリア パスを持つ。

テキサス A&M 大学で英語の学士号と修士号の両方を取得。