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Design decision template

著者: アトラシアン

Present design solutions and exchange creative feedback with your team

Design decision template

It takes much more than a creative eye to effectively design digital experiences. Like any other craft, you need to focus your creative vision and create a blueprint before you can get started. Use our design decision template to organize your ideas and explain your design solution. Once you’ve brainstormed creative options, use the template to exchange feedback with your design team.

design decision テンプレートの使用方法

Step 1: Explain your design problem

Before diving into the details, start on the right path by thinking through your design problem space. Use this section to explain the design problem you’re working to solve and the research insights that support your creative approach to improving the customer experience. This will help your team understand your strategy and provide context when you’re ready to present design options.

Step 2: Evaluate design options

Now that you’ve explained your creative strategy, use the template to review draft work with your team. Start by adding screenshots of draft designs and wireframes. Then explain the pros and cons of each option and the factors you need to consider to make an informed design decision.

Step 2: Evaluate design options

Step 3: Log design decisions

Once you’ve added your designs to the template, share your work with your team. You can type @ mention to tag team members so they can ask questions and kick off discussion topics during your design review. As your team evaluates your designs, keep track of decisions and follow up on open questions.


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