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The most amazing thinkers-like NASA rocket scientists and Tesla engineers-are looking to us for solutions. We develop software  that helps teams everywhere launch amazing ideas into the world. Sound like an exciting place to start your career?


Launch your career as a UX Researcher

Take the first step

Launch your career through our Graduate or Intern programs in the U.S., Australia, or India.

Our Graduate program is designed to provide new graduates with real-world experiences to help you achieve professional goals and personal dreams.

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About you

You’re looking to launch your career after graduation.

What to expect

As a Gradlassian, you’ll be working with the best minds in tech to build world-class products and be given limitless opportunities to unleash your full potential.

Gradlassian Network

Join a global network of alumni of our Graduate program—connect and participate in activities outside of Atlassian!

Chapter One: Your Full Cohort Onboarding

In your first month, you’ll join your fellow grads for our Chapter One program - two weeks of grad-specific onboarding built just for you. You’ll have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with all of your peers, dive into training, and enjoy some “playing, as a team,” along the way. You’ll dive into solving problems that affect millions of our users (including your colleagues at Atlassian)—and this is just the beginning.

Our Student Internship program is a 12-week immersive program into everyday operations & responsibilities. Solve real-world challenges and work alongside cross-functional teams.

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About you

You’re headed into your last semester or year of university, excited to get a head start on your career.

What to expect

As an intern, you’ll start your career learning from pros who are working on products that are helping millions unleash their full potential.

Impact from Day 1

An Atlassian internship means tackling real problems that are critical to the functioning of our business. From Day 1, you’ll be a core member of the team.

Full-time roles

After completing the program, interns are automatically considered for full-time roles after they graduate!

World of Atlassian

Get a glimpse of the world of Atlassian. Learn who we are and where we’re headed.

From humble beginnings

Armed with a credit card and a dream, college friends Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar set out to create Atlassian in 2002 and have since grown Atlassian to a global company impacting teams across the globe.

Set your career on a trajectory

We’re doubling down on R&D and new cloud capabilities to support our customers for the future. As a business, we’re on a trajectory.  We want your career to be on one too.

Where do I fit in?

Whether you’re a software developer, an aspiring product designer, budding entrepreneur, a talented writer, or just looking to get a start, we’ve got a role just for you.

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As a grad or intern engineer, you’ll get your hands dirty and build Alassian software that powers millions of teams worldwide. Whether crafting elegant JavaScript, building mobile apps, or architecting a scalable cloud platform with micro-services on AWS, you’ll create solutions that enable teams all across the world to dream, build, and ship what’s next.

Career Paths
Backend, Frontend, Mobile, Fullstack

Typical degrees
Computer Science, Software Engineering

You’ll be a great fit if…
You can break down big problems into small solutions. You’re easily able to find new and better ways of building great experiences.

Customer Experience/Design Copy link to heading Copied! Show
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Our Customer Experience team is a collection of product, content and service designers, researchers, accessibility experts, program managers, and coaches using elegant design to help millions of customers achieve more. On this team, you’ll take your keen eye for design, research, and product to help shape the vision, develop the roadmap, and ship experiences that create value for all.

Career Paths
Design, Product Design, Service Design, Content Design, UX/UI, Research

Typical degrees
HCI, IT, Industrial Design, Visual Design, UX/UI, Design Computing, Interaction Design

You’ll be a great fit if…
You’re a true creative and problem-solver. You understand that design means how things work and not how things look. You can naturally step into the shoes of your customers.

Product Management (Associate Product Manager Program) Copy link to heading Copied! Show
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Our APM (Associate Product Manager) grad and intern programs are crafted and designed to accelerate the growth of exceptionally creative problem solvers into the next generation of global leaders. You’ll gain experience in conducting customer & partner interviews that translate insight into action, crafting product specs that meets our user and business needs, researching & communicating competitive analysis, and new market/product opportunities.

Career Paths
Product Management, Technical Product Management, Growth

Typical degrees
Business, IT, Computer Science, Software Engineering

You’ll be a great fit if…
You set the vision, sweat the details, and help keep those around you focussed on the bigger picture. 

IT Copy link to heading Copied! Show
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As a grad or intern, you’ll help us run a technology-first workplace as part of the Workplace Technology Team. Alternatively, you’ll join a team that helps our e-commerce & support platform drive digital transformation, manage business systems, and create intelligent automations.

Career Paths
Go-to-Market IT, Business Systems, Workplace Technology, Platform & Enterprise Architecture, Management Information Systems

Typical degrees
Business Systems, IT, Computer Science, Software Engineering

You’ll be a great fit if…
You love to innovate and to build your dreams. Forward-thinking and driven, you are excited about the opportunity to work with smart people on complex challenges.

Security Copy link to heading Copied! Show
Security icon

The Security team’s goal is to successfully protect and defend Atlassian’s infrastructure, products, and networks from both anticipated and unforeseen cybersecurity threats. As an intern or grad, you’ll learn the chops from experts in the field whether they’re building our security infrastructure or hacking our systems to anticipate threats.

Career Paths
Product Security, Ecosystem Security, Security Intelligence, Corporate Security, Security Development, and Trust Security

Typical degrees
Computer Science, Software Engineering

You’ll be a great fit if…
Ambitious, innovative, and driven, you are excited about the opportunity to work with smart people on complex challenges. You’re a natural team player, inquisitive and enjoy dissecting and tackling hard problems (the more challenging the better). You have an interest in technology and think it has the power to change the world for the better.

Data & Analytics Copy link to heading Copied! Show
Data & Analytics icon

The Analytics & Data Science team uses the power of data and analytics to drive better product decisions, smarter products, and drive operational success to scale Atlassian. With numerous backgrounds ranging from computer science to economics, our team helps our customers across the world achieve more. 

Career Paths
Marketing Analytics, Product Analytics, Customer Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning/AI

Typical degrees
Computer Science, Software Engineering, Statistics, Data Science

You’ll be a great fit if…
Using your business insight and technical creativity, you’ll build tools to automate reporting and generate insights that enable us to see how our initiatives are performing. You prioritize meaningful outcomes, enjoy finding patterns in big and messy data, and feel comfortable with incomplete data.

Site Reliability Engineering Copy link to heading Copied! Show
Gears icon

Our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a rapidly growing team focused on building our tools, teams, and systems in a concerted effort to accelerate the cross-cutting reliability focal areas that aid Cloud Engineering as they grow and scale. SRE works alongside both our product family and platform developers to maintain and improve services and performance. 

Career Paths
Site Reliability Engineering, Site Reliability Technical Program Management, Systems Engineering

Typical degrees
Computer Science, Software Engineering

You’ll be a great fit if…
You enjoy being at the core of learning, enabling your team to move quickly by providing real time feedback and improving how your team builds. You're heavily data-driven, utilizing a variety of data collection, enrichment, analytics, and visualizations to learn about how complex systems operate.

Marketing & Communications Copy link to heading Copied! Show
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Creativity supported by data and outside disciplines can yield both unexpected and inspired results. Our Marketing team is a collection of writers, illustrators, thinkers—and, most importantly, communicators—who look to not only solve existing problems but look ahead for future ones. On the Marketing team, you’ll help grow the Atlassian brand and effectively communicate our products' value with our customers. 

Career Paths
Product Marketing, Online Marketing, Performance Marketing, Public Relations, Internal Communications, Brand Marketing, Field Marketing, Demand Generation

Typical degrees
Marketing, Communications, Psychology, Business

You’ll be a great fit if…
You have a deep desire to understand your end user and their motivations. You have a strong understanding of audience segmentation, buyers and purchasing behaviors, and the creativity to develop programs with key messages that drive maximum response.

Sales Copy link to heading Copied! Show
Arrow in bullseye

Our sales organization has a unique approach to sales that allows us to break down the barrier between customer and salesperson because we offer transparent pricing and no negotiations. As a grad or intern get a chance to work with actual Atlassian customers and help us align our Sales strategy.

Career Paths
Sales Operations, Enterprise Development, Channel Programs and Development, Customer Success Manager Major

Typical degrees
Communications, Business, Marketing, Psychology, Engineering

You’ll be a great fit if…
You have great interpersonal skills and passion about providing excellent customer service.

Finance Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Our Finance Team is made up of a diverse group of creative, passionate and collaborative Atlassians. We partner closely with other teams throughout the company on a daily basis to power the business and support Atlassian’s customers around the world. As an intern on the Finance team, you will get hands-on experience at a high-growth software company.

Career Paths
Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting, Audit, Procurement

Typical degrees
Finance, Accounting

You’ll be a great fit if…
you have a passion for numbers and collaborating. You have an owner mentality, ninja-like analysis skills, and you love partnering.

plant your code
coding challenge

Student Developers - Put your #javascript skills to the test!

Dig into a variety of code challenges through Plant Your Code that could end up landing you a job. For each challenge completed, we’ll donate to one of our Foundation Partners on your behalf supporting COVID-19 Relief in India and the Philippines.

Interviewing at Atlassian

Interviewing can be daunting, but not at Atlassian. Learn more about our process, get tips on how to nail the interview, and meet the global Campus Recruiting team.

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Candidate Resource Hub

Want tips for interviewing? Head over to the Candidate Resource Hub and view the articles under Interviewing.

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Application process in 5-steps

A lot can change based on the role you’re interested in, but for the most part, here are the steps you can expect as part of your application and interview process.

  1. Submit resume
  2. Complete online assessment
  3. Phone screens with recruiter and teams
  4. Final round craft-assessments and interviews
  5. Boom, hired!
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Let’s talk timing

Depending on whether you’re applying for a role in the USA, Australia, or India, you’ll need to be mindful of the dates for when you’ll start.

Program start timeline for both grads & interns

  • Australia & New Zealand - November to January
  • India - May to June
  • United States - June to July

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