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Why time tracking matters

Program managers and financial analysts must ensure that time data is accurate, up-to-date, included in budgeting and compliance reporting, and in executive communications. However, most enterprise-level time tracking solutions are overly complicated and don't synchronize well with the organization. This kind of friction can result in delays, inaccuracy, and rework.

Jira Align provides a quick and simple enterprise time tracking module that enables organizations to collect, manage, and track time spent across a globally distributed workforce. Enter, approve, and report time across multiple projects and cost centers in your organization. Reduce costs and improve accuracy managing all aspects of people, work, and time in a single system. And best of all, keep all your program information in one place.

Job Code Rollup and Cost Insight

The Enterprise Time Tracking module allows you to stay close to your budget and time spent; review and align your project costs through different lenses of job codes, projects, or groupings.

Flexible Business Process

Whether you have strict limits on overtime, different bill rates by resource skill type, or blended resources working across projects, our system can be shaped around any process.

Automated Approval & Workflow

Integrated time and attendance data can easily integrate with your existing tools, giving you speed and ability to capture, plan, and report across your enterprise work.


Keep your organization on the same page as to who is available and billable, on PTO, or out of office on leave. Employee time tracking gives you the power to track and plan better.

Mobile Time Tracking

From desktop to mobile, full time, part-time, or remote consultants distributed in the field, time tracking lets your organization simplify time capture and financial reporting.

Multinational Workflows

From complex business processes to automated hierarchy approvals, make sure you are driving decisions based on the right information across the enterprise.

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Save time and money with modern time tracking

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Blended rates

Manage blended rates across employees, regions, and roles to get the right level of reporting for the finance team.

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Rich workflows

End-to-end workflows with alerts and notifications to manage compliance. Get clean and stay clean permanently.

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Flexible integration

Each enterprise requires different cuts of data. Leverage rich data exports and access APIs for your reporting needs.

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Calendar localization

Simple and supported calendar localization with dozens of customizable features.

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Time on the go

Fexibility to submit a time sheet on the go. Mobile simplifies time capture and reporting.

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