Atlassian + Datadog integration

Together, Atlassian and Datadog streamline the DevOps lifecycle by integrating monitoring, alerting and CI/CD capabilities into your toolchain. Your teams can pivot seamlessly between each tool, without losing context.

Atlassian + Datadog
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Automate ticketing

Datadog monitors can create custom Jira Software tickets automatically, and dynamically fill in custom variables.

Automatically create Jira tickets with Datadog monitors
Viewing incident

Collaborate efficiently

Datadog Incident Management can create a corresponding Jira ticket in one click when declaring an incident, so your team can share a single source of truth.

Bitbucket Cloud

Correlate code changes with performance metrics

Your commits, pull requests, and issues will appear in Datadog’s event stream, so you can view them in context with performance metrics.

View Bitbucket code changes in Datadog's event stream
Viewing comments made on Bitbucket issues, commits, and pull requests

Collaborate on commits, issues, and pull requests

Keep everyone on the same page by showing any comments previously made on Bitbucket issues, commits, and pull requests. You can collaborate on issues in notebooks or send notifications to Jira or Opsgenie.


Have a single source of truth

Sync your Datadog alerts with Opsgenie so when Datadog detects an issue, Opsgenie automatically creates an alert for your team.

Sync Datadog alerts with Opsgenie

Why Datadog and Atlassian?

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Simplify incident response

You can automate Jira ticket creation for incidents by configuring Datadog monitors and Incident Management, and route alerts through Opsgenie to make sure that the right people are notified, reducing time to resolution.

Share a single source of truth

Datadog and Atlassian keep your DevOps toolchain in sync. Your teams can correlate data between their monitoring, alerting, and CI/CD tools, which saves everyone time.

Avoid context switching

With Datadog and Atlassian integrated, your teams can stay on-task by automatically opening Jira tickets, monitoring CI/CD changes, and triggering Opsgenie alerts all directly from Datadog.


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Upgrade your issue tracking with Jira and Datadog

Streamline issue management for your application performance by creating, tagging, and updating Jira issues directly from your Datadog alerts.

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See how code changes impact your infrastructure

Correlate code commits with any metric you already monitor, whether it comes from a database, application, or cloud service.

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Monitor alerts and events with Opsgenie and Datadog

Learn how Opsgenie’s integration with Datadog lets you respond to incidents faster and more effectively.

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Case Study: HashiCorp

Discover how HashiCorp improved application performance and DevOps collaboration with Datadog as a unified monitoring platform.

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