Atlassian acquires Cenqua

1 August, 2007: Today we're announcing the acquisition of Cenqua! There is a lot of synergy and similarities between Cenqua and Atlassian, from our business models to the philosophy behind our development, so the merging of the two companies makes a lot of sense. While plugins already exist to connect JIRA and FishEye and Bamboo and Clover, we will be building tighter integrations between all the products.

For the Cenqua customers, your licenses and maintenance agreements remain the same, but now you also have access to Atlassian's extensive Support and Services teams. In the next few weeks, Cenqua's product documentation and forums will be migrated to Atlassian's website, and starting today you can purchase FishEye, Clover, and Crucible here.

We're here to answer your questions.

  • Customers can reach us here.
  • Media inquiries should be directed here.
  • Support, Forums and Documentation for Cenqua products are accessible through Atlassian Support.