Everything you learned about CI/CD is wrong

Join this webinar to learn how to avoid the common CI/CD pitfalls and unlock high performance across your team.

You know CI/CD is important because you hear developers talk about it all the time. But you're not quite sure how to improve these practices or (let’s be honest) what exactly this whole thing is all about. If that sounds familiar, this session is for you!

Join Antonia and Ian for an insightful CI/CD talk that feels more like a training session. While nearly every software team has a CI server, many are skipping important practices that are key to unlocking performance. Let's step back to explore the conceptual underpinnings of CI/CD, and then see how to bring it to life with Atlassian tools. We'll examine key practices like:

  • Detection – Safety begins with finding errors before they become problems
  • Delivery – Measure progress in terms of delivering working software
  • Communication – Quality and improvement as everyone's responsibility

Don’t miss this chance to learn the fundamentals of this critical aspect of software development.



Antonia Verdi headshot

Antonia Verdi

Technical Training Specialist

Antonia Verdi is a Technical Training Specialist at Atlassian, where she trains onboards new and existing customer-facing Atlassians on the Atlassian tool suite. Previously Antonia worked as an Atlassian Product Advocate, where she shared technical expertise and business solution-driven best practices with valuators and Pre-Evaluators of Atlassian’s tools, and discussed how these tools fit into the adoption of greater practices like DevOps and Agile. Antonia is a certified scrum master who specializes in Jira Software, Bitbucket and Bamboo and loves helping others become better at what they do.

Antonia joined the world of tech after graduating Sarah Lawrence College and moving to Austin, TX. Little known facts about Antonia: she enjoys drumming, built an app that helps musicians find gigs, and is a first degree black belt in taekwondo.

Ian Buchanan headshot

Ian Buchanan

Developer Partisan, Atlassian

Embora Ian tenha uma experiência vasta com Java e .NET, ele é mais conhecido como campeão de métodos ágeis em grandes empresas. Atualmente, ele está focado na cultura emergente do DevOps e nas ferramentas para permitir uma melhor integração contínua, entrega contínua e análise de dados. Durante sua carreira, ele gerenciou com sucesso ferramentas de desenvolvimento de software empresarial em todas as fases dos seus ciclos de vida. Ele trouxe melhorias de processo na organização toda com resultados de maior produtividade, melhor qualidade e maior satisfação do cliente. Ele construiu equipes multinacionais que valorizam a autodireção e a auto-organização. Quando não está falando ou criando códigos, Ian se rende à sua paixão por analisadores, meta programação e linguagens específicas de domínio. Siga-o em @devpartisan.