We’re happy to announce the launch of webhooks in our developer API! Webhooks provide a way for apps to be notified when there is a change to a user’s board, card, list, or any other model. This is perfect for developers working on third party apps that need data to be in sync.

Why We Need ’em

There are a number of third party apps that either use Trello as their backend or have Trello integrated as part of a larger product. With our current API set up, third party apps need to constantly poll for updates in order to stay in sync, even if there isn’t anything new. For some third party apps, that’s a Trello request every few seconds per user they manage.

As you can imagine, this is super demanding on both Trello and the third-party app’s servers. With webhooks, we monitor specific models like cards and boards and only send an update to the user when somebody performs an action, like moving a card or adding a comment. There’s no needless polling and our servers can sleep a little more peacefully.


Get Started

If you want to play around with webhooks, we’ve got a basic how-to in our API documentation which you can read here. It’s not exactly “plug and play”, but we hope you find it useful once you set it up. Happy developing!


Got questions about webhooks? Let us know on the webhooks card on our Trello Development Board or ask away on Twitter.

Webhooks are here!