They say a photograph is worth a thousand words, but at Trello we think it’s worth a thousand cards.

Fun fact: At the time of this writing, 61,142,160+ boards have been created in Trello. Each one is as beautiful and unique as the ring of a tree. Different lists, cards, and workflows can be infinitely customized to fit each individual team’s needs.

No two workflows are alike, so why shouldn’t the look of each board be unique, as well? In the spirit of fun and flexibility, we are excited to announce that every Trello user can now access Unsplash’s huge library of photos for beautiful and unique board backgrounds.This feature allows you to ask yourself some hard hitting questions, like what kind of mood do you want your Trello board to evoke? Is it the eager anticipation of a cute puppy? The nostalgic fondness of an old car? Or perhaps what you desire is the quiet reflection of a sunset, bringing a sense of zen to your workflow.

Depending on your vibe, you can have boards with all of these awesome images as backgrounds.

Unsplash background options for Trello

How Unsplash Works In Trello

To see the new Unsplash backgrounds, go to Menu > Change Background and then click Photos. From there you are able to scroll through suggested photos or search by keyword to narrow down your results.

Change backgrounds in Trello

Here are some photo search best practices:

  • Use short or single word searches
  • Try synonyms for more results (e.g., if you tried “beach,” try “sand”)
  • Related concepts can generate more results (e.g., if you tried “working,” try “laptop”)
  • Color based searches totally work, too! (e.g., “green”)

Here’s another fun fact: 40% of Trello users have boards for both their work AND personal lives. We didn’t want you to feel like only one aspect of your life is… picturesque, so this feature is available to all users.

Managing your tasks should be a delightful experience (even when the task at hand isn’t exactly riveting). Indeed, board backgrounds from Unsplash might just give you some pep in your board-making step.

Head on over to your board and start browsing →

Picture this: free unsplash backgrounds for every Trello board