Trello Premium

If you’ve been enjoying Trello but find yourself wanting more, the wait is over. Trello Premium offers a host of advanced features, next-level automation, and powerful integrations, and now it’s available to try for free.

If you are curious about the paid version of Trello, you can now try it free for 14 days. There is no need to put in a credit card upfront, and anyone on your team can elect to start the trial.

Want to learn more about Premium? Let’s take a tour:

Unlimited Boards

With Premium, there’s no limit to the number of boards your team can create. From onboarding new hires to sprint planning and every team meeting agenda in between, there’s a Trello board for that. Make as many boards as you need to, have unlimited automated Butler commands, and use Views such as Dashboard, Table, or Timeline.

NEW: Views

With Trello’s new Timeline, Table, Dashboard, and Calendar views, your team can get the perspective needed to make better decisions. Access views from the view switcher button in the top left corner of your board and see your team’s work in a whole new way.


Advanced Checklists ✅


When you have a big project that you need to break down into bite-sized tasks, you need more than a simple checklist. Advanced Checklists allow you to assign members and due dates to individual tasks. 

Bonus: You can view your checklist items in the Calendar view, along with other Trello cards.


You’re also given a dashboard on Trello Home called “Your Items” that displays all of your checklist items across your boards. The items are displayed in the order of their due date, so you can always anticipate what you need to work on next. Say goodbye to searching and digging for those action items—they’re now front and center! 


Advanced Features Galore

Custom Fields give your cards structure and allow you to add additional details with specific fields that display on the front and back of the card. These fields help you keep better track of what’s important to you and your team. This is great for adding contact information, sales targets, project size scopes, or even rating systems:


Custom Fields can be used to provide additional context on an Editorial Calendar. 

Some other advanced features in Trello Premium include:

  • List Limits to alert board members of unnecessarily long lists.
  • The Map View for location-based boards, and to view all your cards in a map view.

Plus integrations with your team’s other favorite tools like Jira, Slack, Google Drive, and Github (plus hundreds more). 

Team Board Templates

No more starting from scratch: streamline work across your team by providing templates for getting started on any project. A template in Trello serves as a master copy like a blueprint for creating boards based on the same setup—perfect for replicating a process or workflow. 

Any public Trello board can be converted to a template so that others in the Trello community can benefit from tried-and-tested workflows. The use of “workspace templates” and private templates is exclusive to Trello Premium and Enterprise customers.

Make Template2

To create a template, navigate to the Board Menu and select More, then select Make Template. (You must be an admin of the board to see this option.) Turning the board into a template will hide comments and activity, but members will remain on the template. 

BONUS: Check out the Trello Community Template Gallery for examples of amazing templates from all different types of Trello users. 

Butler Automation

Premium also offers you endless automation with Butler, the robo-sidekick for your team’s productivity. Set the trigger and the action that it will spark, and let Butler do the tedious work. Bonus: no coding needed. Butler responds to plainly worded text.

Here are a few ways you can add Butler to your workflow:

  • When a new card is added to an “Incoming Requests” list, automatically delegate the task by adding a member, due date, and checklist to the card, all in one rule.
  • Create a card button called “Done!” that moves the card to the “Done” list, marks the date complete, and automatically adds a comment that @mentions your manager to let them know this card is all set.
  • Start every week fresh by scheduling a command to automatically add cards and checklists for your team’s weekly tasks and archive all of the cards completed last week from the “Done” list before the week begins.

Admin Permissions

It’s always important to make sure that sensitive information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Trello Premium offers admins more control over how users can join teams and boards, down to the domain. 

  • Invite restrictions: Admins can control who is added to the team, and which permissions they receive. You can even restrict access to only email addresses within your domain. 
  • Bulk deactivation: If someone leaves the team, you can easily bulk deactivate them from the team, which revokes access without losing their work.


Premium also allows you to designate certain members of your team as admins. Unlike on the free version of Trello, admins are given more security controls with Premium. As a team admin, you can also see assigned cards for team members, which helps you balance your team’s workload. 



If you have lots of teams at your company, use collections to group team boards together so they’re easy to find. Categorize boards by project, department, or any other way you like. On your team boards page, you can see the list of collections and quickly jump to where you need to go. It’s a great way to keep your Trello teams organized.

Try These Features For Free

Did you get all that? Those are just a few highlights of what comes in the box with Trello Premium. If any of these features piqued your interest, be sure to opt into a 14-day free trial to give them a whirl with no commitments upfront!

Free trial for Trello premium: here’s what’s inside