Alright stop, collaborate, and listen. Trello’s back with a brand new edition… of the Trello app for iOS 10 with stickers, a widget, and 3D touch enhancements. Let’s take a look!

Stickers in iMessage

Trello for iOS 10: Stickers

Work doesn’t always need to be dull. Dazzle and delight your office with your amazing Trello sticker sensibilities, adding that touch of whimsy and visual grace to boards companywide. Admit it: there has always been that longing to bring the joy of Taco into everyday conversation.  Now you can with Trello on the App Store for iMessage!  

With Trello added to iMessage you can spice up messages with 12 stickers showcasing Trello’s spokes-husky, Taco, doing all the things in the cutest way possible.  We figure this will be a major productivity boost, because why use words when you can say it with Taco?

A Widget For Your Digits

Trello iOS 10 Widget

New in iOS 10 is a Trello widget, making access to quick actions and recent boards only a right-swipe away.  The Trello widget gives you easy access to your three most recently visited boards, as well as the ability to create new Trello cards on any of them. Not to mention there is now the option to attach pictures from your camera or photos, or include any information copied to your clipboard.

To access the Trello widget, swipe right on the Home screen or Lock screen. You can also just tap “Edit” at the bottom of the screen to add the Trello widget.



All The Feels With 3D Touch

Sure, Trello has been in the 3D Touch game for some time now, but with this new release of Trello for iOS there are now even more 3D Touch capabilities. Firmly press on the Trello icon to enable Quick Actions, which allows you to access your recent boards and notifications, as well as create new cards.

Peek & Pop Pro Tip: You can use 3D Touch to preview Trello card information and attachments without even having to click through!

Not on Trello for iOS? Download it for free in the App Store.


Trello for ios 10: stickers, widgets, and 3d touch shortcuts