G Suite fans get ready, because you can now get your Trello alerts in Google Chat! As more teams are using technology to evolve the ways in which they communicate, the importance of seamless chat and collaboration (or chatlaboration as I’ve coined it) has never been more urgent.

Allowing teams to stay in the loop and maintain productivity no matter which app they are using has always been important for Trello, which is why we are excited to launch with Chat today.

How To Chatlaborate With Google Chat + Trello

How to use Trello and Google Hangouts Chat together

Picture this: You’re in the middle of managing a big project with your team. The plan is laid out on your Trello board, due dates are pending, and tasks are broken out amongst your teammates. Your group conversation in Chat is full of great discussion and quick questions. With Trello updates being piped right into the chat window, everyone stays informed of the latest project progress automatically. This is what it’s like when your main communication tool is tied to your main collaboration tool. It’s perfectly seamless!

Get alerts from your Trello boards where the conversation is taking place: your Chat. Now you and your team have the power to see work getting done in Trello without needing to switch apps, and you can discuss next steps or take action as new alerts unfold. This means you can react faster, get more done, and drop the FOMO feeling that you’re missing out on important info or status updates.

Trello updates in chat tool example

Trello alerts are fully customizable to the actions you rely on most, and can be linked from any board to any Google Chat room. When configuring alerts, decide which kinds of Trello updates you’d like piped into your chat window. Some teams prefer something simple like, whenever a card is moved to the “Completed” list, and some teams prefer the full force of every activity happening on their board. It’s totally about what works for you team.

Here are just a few ways more tailored alerts can keep your team in the know:

  • See when someone adds themself to a card or assigns one to you.
  • Stay on top of attachments that are added to cards and require feedback.
  • Watch projects progress as cards move across lists from ‘To-Do’ to ‘Done.’
  • Celebrate successes as due dates are marked as done.
  • Or, know instantly when due dates shift.

Manage Trello alerts in chat

Trello’s rich integration with the entire G Suite means even more power and process for productive teams. With the Trello Add-on for Gmail installed, important emails like incoming sales leads or client feedback can be turned into Trello cards in a single click. Combine that with a Trello alert for newly created cards set to go to your team’s space, and you’ll never again have to wonder if that new opportunity has gone cold.

You can even enable the Google Drive Power-Up on your board and set alerts for new attachments so that marketing and design teams can stay on top off important campaign assets as they are created and added to cards. Whether it’s version 1 or 21, instant tracking of the latest delivery can significantly speed up review and revision turnaround times.

How to set up Google Hangouts Chat with Trello alerts

Setting up Trello alerts is simple:

  1. @ mention the @Trello bot in the room you’d like to add Trello alerts.
  2. Follow the steps to authorize  Chat with your Trello account.
  3. Select the board from the dropdown menu you’d like to enable the Chat Power-Up on.
  4. Once enabled, click the button to go to that board and then click the Chat Power-Up button in the top right corner of the board.
  5. Select a space or direct message to send alerts to and the actions you’d like to receive alerts for.
  6. Feel a new sense of calm as your Trello FOMO fades away.

So go ahead, get your chat on, and rest assured knowing that all of your most important Trello alerts are now available in whatever space you are hanging out in.

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Introducing Trello for Google chat: bring chat and project management together