My Trello board is blank. How do I start?

Great question! A lot of getting started with Trello has to do with understanding your workflow. Your workflow starts with a few lists, with cards for the tasks you want to complete and information you want to track.

Our Trello best practices article talks in depth about how to set up an effective board. Once you’ve given some thought to the problem you wish to solve, definitely check out our Inspiration Page where you’ll find sample boards with workflows you can copy, or just use as a reference.

Can you mark a card as done?

Yes! If a card has a due date, click the checkbox next to the due date on the card back to mark the card as done, which will also turn the due date badge green. 

Mark Trello card as done

Another option is to enable the Custom Fields Power-Up. When setting up your Custom Field, add a Checkbox and name it “Done.” The default will be “No,” so when a task is completed, simply change the response to “Yes.” You can even display this information as a badge on the front of the card, so that the rest of your team can see at a quick glance you can see whether or not a card is marked as “Done.”

You can also archive a card, which hides it from a board but doesn’t delete it. That way, it’s there if you need it, but you aren’t receiving any notifications about it, either.

How do I attach an image to a Trello card? How do I make it show up on the front?

You can drag the image or URL right onto the card.

You can also attach an image manually. Click the card to display its back. On the list of options on the right side of the card back, click “Attachments,” then choose from where you would like to upload the image. Images that are .jpeg or .png will display on the front as a card cover.

I am trying to attach something but it won’t let me.

Don’t forget, before you can attach something to a Trello board you need to create a card first. The Trello card is where the attachment lives. By clicking on the card you can view attached links, images, documents, checklists, as well as relevant conversation.

What is the difference between Trello Business Class and Trello Gold?

Trello Business Class is a paid product that provides teams with unlimited boards, advanced security, and unlimited Power-Ups with apps like Slack, Evernote, and Google Drive, plus many more custom solutions for businesses. Business Class upgrades happen per-team, rather than per-individual-account.  

Trello Gold adds a little fun and functionality to your boards: three Power-Ups per board, custom backgrounds and stickers, and bigger file uploads. Trello Gold is designed to give individuals additional features that aren’t essential to the core Trello experience, but certainly enhance it.

All features of Trello Gold are found in Trello Business Class, but not all features of Trello Business Class are available for Trello Gold.  

Can I use Business Class by myself?

Sure you can. Just create a team that only has you in it (insert “I” in team joke here). Many individuals enjoy the benefits of Business Class by themselves. For example, Business Class offers an unlimited amount of integrations with great services like Google Drive, Evernote, and Github integrations, among many others.

Does Trello work offline?

Yes it does! Our mobile apps support offline sync, which means any work you do without internet connection on a phone or tablet will show up once you resume connection. Learn more here.

The web version of Trello does not currently support offline sync, but we’re working on it!

Can I set my board so that only I can move cards but other people in my team can comment on them?

Yes, actually. It requires a few settings changes:

Voila! That should do it.

If you’re using Trello Business Class, you also have the ability to simply invite people to boards as observers, if they’re not members of your team already.

Members of my team aren’t on boards I created.

Ah, yes. Members are not automatically added to all boards in a team. (This could get messy for large teams with many departments and hundreds of boards!) This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s up to you to add everyone to every board. You can change the settings of your boards to allow members to add themselves to a board.

When new members join your team, be sure to surface your team page so they can easily see all the boards your team is using, and can join the relevant ones from there.

You can also use Collections to tag different groups of boards in your team. This way it’s easier for the relevant members of a team to see which boards apply to them and their projects.

Can I change my calendar notifications to something other than 24 hours before the due date?

You cannot do this natively within Trello, however there is a third party app called Cronofy that our users have reported works well for this solution. If you try it, definitely let us know what you think!

The Slack Power-Up is another neat way to set reminders for cards. If you have the Slack Power-Up enabled, open a card and click the Slack button on the right side menu. Then click, “Remind me about this card.” From there you can choose from a large list of time interval options, or set your own. Slackbot will ping you at the time you designated!

We also have a Trello app for Slack. See all the things you can do with it in this infographic.

Can you send an email to a Trello board?

You can send an email to a Trello board. Each Trello board and card has a unique email address that you can FWD to. Here is an in depth write up on the emila-to-board feature, including example use cases. Also check out the Email-to-board help doc for further information.

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