There are a lot of considerations when managing a team: logistics, people’s feelings, how your coworker’s cat, Pixel, is doing. When you think about it, this level of management can be implemented with your “home” team, too.

There are always so many schedules, school events, and practices to juggle. There are vacations to plan, meals to cook, and chores that never seem to stay “done.” Not to mention that home renovation project you’ve been itching to complete for, er… years.

Whether it’s your family, roommates, or your bowling league, there are times when traditional management practices can make a big difference for your personal life. That’s why we’ve wrapped up Trello workflows for each of these planning processes, so you can easily copy a board and start collaborating on logistics with your home team.

Using Trello At Home

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The official Trello Playbook for Home rounds up five essential boards that you can copy and customize for everything from vacation planning and chores to meal prep and more:

Here’s a preview of the five boards you need to live your best life. Click on any one to be taken to the playbook:

  1. Vacation planning: Put all your trip logistics in one place and easily gather group feedback on itineraries so you can focus on the important part: relaxing. Plus, now you’ll never forget your sunscreen again.

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  1. Party planning: Be the host with the most logistics planned out with a party planning Trello board. The example here is for a kid’s birthday, but the workflow can be applied to any kind of soiree!


  1.  Meal planning: Does this exchange sound familiar, “What do you want to eat?” “I don’t know, what do you want to eat?” Get out of the endless meal planning loop with a Trello board that centralizes all your favorite recipes. You can even add days of the week and plan out recipes for Monday through Sunday!

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  1. Home renovation: As exciting as a renovation or room refresh project can be, it’s also really stressful to have your space in disarray. How will you ever remember if you ordered all the countertops you need, or the measurements for your new bookshelf space? Use this Trello template to keep the build up to speed.

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  1. Household chores: Keeping a house tidy is like a to-do list item that never gets checked off. Use a Trello board to delegate responsibilities around the house and keep track of when things get done. Better yet: get your kids involved in the chores process so everyone is accountable.

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Win One For The Home Team

Keeping the logistics of your home life in order means you can bring your best self to other pursuits, like attending that underwater cycling class or finally taking up woodworking! Plus, now you’ll always have proof of whose turn it is to clean the bathroom. =)

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The ultimate guide for using Trello at home