Hey Slack and Trello users, here’s a neat new feature: now you can get Trello notifications in your Slack channels, private channels, and direct messages with the Slack Power-Up for Trello. tiny_twitter_bird.pngTweet this

We are talking some real deal, FOMO crushing, granular notifications that can be dialed in to keep you in-the-know and elevate your workflow.

Add Wow To Your Workflow

Alerts can be setup to notify channels for activity at the board, list, and card level, and are a great way to stay on top of work getting done in Trello without leaving Slack. This includes comments, updated descriptions, date changes, members, labels, and much more.


For instance, celebrate sales wins or track progress during a sprint by creating an alert for when cards are moved across lists. Keep your ever-expanding startup up to speed with what’s going on by piping weekly updates from your Company Overview board to its associated Slack channel. Or, make sure new hires are onboarding successfully by getting checklist item completion updates via direct message. Finally, keep your boss up to speed on how much work you’re getting done by notifying them of dates that are marked complete.

Set Up Slack And Trello For Success


To send Trello alerts to your Slack team follow these simple steps:

  1. Enable the Slack Power-Up on the Trello board from which you’d like to send alerts.  
  2. With the Slack Power-Up enabled, click the gear icon next to the Power-Up, then “Edit Settings,” or click the Slack button at the top of your board.
  3. To add an alert, choose a Slack team that’s linked to your Trello team, or add a new Slack team and select it.
  4. Pick the channel or direct message to send alerts to from the dropdown menu.
  5. Finally, let your imagination go wild setting up for which actions you want to receive notifications.

While you’re at it, check out all of the other cool features the Slack Power-Up has to offer, and take team communication and collaboration to the next level with the Trello App for Slack.

Get Trello alerts in Slack with the Slack power-up