Show of hands: How many people have quickly dropped a bunch of attachments onto a Trello card to share with their team, burying an important document below the fold?

We have a solution! Introducing the ability to rearrange and rename attachments in Trello:


Now, you can reorganize and prioritize attachments by dragging and dropping them into place, making sure that the files that matter most are always in sight. Click on an attachment’s name to rename it in Trello, and kiss vague file names goodbye.

Rename Attachments On The Go

When it comes to things like receipts, video, and photos captured on your phone, you’ll now be able stay organized on the go. On mobile, click the menu icon next to an attachment to rename it:


Note: Currently on mobile it is not possible to rearrange attachments (only rename them), but Trello will display attachments on mobile in the same way they are arranged (or rearranged) on the web.

We hope that this makes managing your unlimited attachments a whole lot easier. Now go forth and organize!

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Order up! rename and rearrange attachments in Trello