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Planning a party with your coworkers is (usually) different from that bachelorette bash you’re about to host. There will be less late nights, but there will most definitely be streamers and balloons. Either way, your crew is celebrating!

Taking the time to build team spirit shouldn’t be a bummer, so we’re here to shake the cubicle dust off your next office event: Thanks to the Office Party Planning Board, one of five teamwork boards in our new Trello Team Toolkit.

You can copy this festive sample board or use it as a guide for the next time your team has something to celebrate. So forget those long email threads, put your party hat on, and break out the confetti—the only thing left to “circle back” on is that hula hoop competition you’re about to win.

Trello Office Party Planning Board

No Low-Hanging Fruit Here! Unless You Count The Piñata

There’s no straightforward formula for throwing the best bash, because it should be tailored to how your team likes to wind down and celebrate a job well done. This party planner is fully customizable, so once you copy it, feel free to add/remove lists.

Next, let’s take a tour of how to make it into a workflow where everyone pitches in to RSVP, plan the menu, pick activities, and more.


Party Central: Important Info

This first list is the hub where you and your team can keep all the important details of your party in order, such as the time and date, the budget, party suggestions, and the guest list.

Having these top-level items handy is an easy way to direct people who have all those frequent FAQs like the location, timing, or even dress code.

party central list


Creating a guest list can get deceivingly complicated at times.

Who’s bringing a +1? Who’s allergic to shellfish again?

Including an RSVP card in your Party Central list allows your guests to contribute information that can better help you plan for your event. Having a spot to designate any diet/allergy issues, drink preferences, or where guests can ask questions, is important to stay as organized and sane as possible.

RSVP card on party planning trello board

A quick and not-so-dirty way to plan ahead for all your guest’s different needs is to create labels. On our sample board, we’ve created six different labels to help with meal and drink planning.

Once you’ve copied the board, adding or removing labels isn’t tricky at all!

how to use labels on a trello card

Like our Trello Tip card explains, click on the button titled “Labels” in order to create and edit your own tags. On our board, we’ve used the labels to create a menu. Whether it’s a non-alcoholic drink like kombucha or a large pizza perfect for everyone, labels can give you peace of mind that everyone will have something good to eat.

party planning with trello

Dot The ‘I’s And Cross The ‘T’s, Lead Me To The Chocolate Fountain, Please

office party planning with trello

Even party planner novices know that a checklist is key to making sure day-of prep goes without a hitch. To start your own checklist of groceries, supplies, or songs you’d like to play, look for the “Checklist” button on the right-side menu of any card.

Remember there’s no ‘i’ in team, or party—Which means checklists are perfect to get your team’s feedback on what may be missing.

Fun fact: Already have a list ready and need to input it quickly into Trello? Just copy and paste your entire list into a Trello card checklist and it will automagically populate as separate checklist items!

lists in trello

creating a checklist in trello

Make Your Next Event A Level Party Field

Planning a work event of any sort means involving a lot of different opinions, stakeholders, vendors, and budgets. The Trello Team Toolkit isn’t just a sample board bonanza, it’s a chance for you and your work team to truly collaborate on the fun stuff in a way that makes everyone feel heard.

So go ahead and get this party started. Confidently crowdsource that playlist, budget for that chocolate fountain, and finally convince your boss to set up a piñata in the rec room—because teams celebrate better, together!

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello) or write in to support@trello.com.

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