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With almost a century of experience, McCorvey Sheet Metal Works has their industry craft nailed down to a fine science. 

From its start as a mom-and-pop shop to an impressive corporation spanning across multiple states, they surely are doing plenty right. McCorvey Sheet Metal Works specializes in HVAC sheet metal detailing, fabricating, and installing, and is a perfect example of how to successfully scale a business from the ground up. 

Get an inside look at how McCorvey uses Trello for their fabrication and shipping processes and how the tool grew with the company as it expanded its company size and services. 

An Old Paper System Becomes Rusty

As McCorvey Metal Sheet Works quickly grew, so did their need for an organized and efficient system to organize long term and short term processes. Today, they use Trello to easily manage their shipping and fabrication processes but weren’t always so simple. 

For decades, McCorvey relied on a paper filing system to track and manage items, which quickly became lost or misfiled.

paper throwing

Company leaders and employees alike quickly realized the need for a paperless system and took the leap that many established businesses begrudgingly make — from the stone age (okay… 1925) to the 21st century (yay, digital transformation!)

“Paper was getting lost, and people couldn’t keep track of where items were in the fabrication or office process,” said Chris Mondeau, Research And Development Manager at McCorvey.

With their paper filing days decidedly behind them, the McCorvey team searched for a suitable program that would allow for an overview of all the tasks at hand, and at each stage in the manufacturing process. 

The overarching need, however, was a system that anyone in the company could use to collaborate on, regardless of their technical savviness

The digital solution they were looking for came to fruition with Trello.

Welding Processes Together With Trello

McCorvey landed on Trello to solve their collaboration and communication challenges and they now operate using two separate boards for their two main services — one for shipping and one for fabrication. 

Trello serves as the go-to place where McCorvey employees can consolidate files, collaborate on projects, access resources, and visualize where projects are in the manufacturing process. 

As they launched their new digital hub, the team saw a boost in quality assurance, improved team communication, and a greater sense of organization by being able to clearly see any outstanding projects.

“Trello is good for our teams because it’s so organic. If you don’t like how the process is working on the board, you can change it. Trello fits right in with exactly what we are doing on a day-to-day basis.”
– Chris Mondeau, Research And Development Manager at McCorvey

Here’s exactly how McCorvey uses their shipping and fabrication boards to track projects and efficiently ship orders out to their customers:

Fabrication Board

mccorvey fabrication board

The McCorvey team uses this board to track work orders as they move through each department in the fabrication shop. Employees can add checklists to cards to keep track of specific tasks and view any files on the cards for valuable notes.

Custom fields present important information at a glance on the front of each card. Labels are useful for specifying the level and key details about a specific task at hand.

Shipment Board

MCcorvey Shipping Board

This Shipping board tracks delivery orders and creates a quick checklist for shipping and receiving teams to track shipments and access delivery directions. It also allows for employees to view which items are ready to be picked up in will-call, or to view a list of addresses on the map, which is available as a Power-Up.

Templates On A Silver Platter

No matter the type of craft your manufacturing team specializes in, McCorvey’s Trello boards can easily serve as the perfect stencil for customizing your own fabrication or shipping templates. 

Once you’ve copied McCorvey’s Board Templates for your own processes, make sure to browse the hundreds of other ready-to-use templates in our template gallery!

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How a metal manufacturer used Trello to digitize a ‘rusty’ process