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There comes a time in every Trellist’s journey to peak perspective when they must gaze upward from behind the screen to seek answers and insight:

  • When kicking off a new project, some hope to glean tips on Trello workflows from past masters in the art of collaboration.
  • Others might prefer the direct approach, searching for template Trello boards to copy and make their own.
  • Or, maybe they’re just looking for a vision of a board they’ve never imagined, to continue their expansion of Trello for all of life’s projects.

No matter the quest, Inspiration is here! Inspiration is a collection of Trello board templates, sample boards, and stories from Trello users around the world.

Whether you are trying to refine your own processes, see how other users bring perspective to their projects, or gather fresh ideas for new Trello boards to create, is for you, no matter your project: This idea-rich portal includes boards for both work and home!

An Inspiring Journey


Next time you are looking for a little inspiration for agile workflows, planning a vacation, building a roadmap, onboarding new hires, planning a wedding, or anything else, just head over to

There you will see a myriad of Trello boards for tackling any of life’s projects, whether at work or for home, with stories from the users that created those workflows. If one of the boards sounds enticing, click it to go to the board and check it out further. You can even make your very own copy that you can then customize to fit your needs.


On the left side of the page are categories to filter the collection of inspiring boards, and a search field where you can really hone in the results. Here’s a pro-tip: If you are in a category and search for boards, the search will be isolated to boards within that category. If you don’t see the results you are looking for, try “x-ing out” of the category filter to broaden your search.

We are going to be constantly adding new inspiring boards as we receive them. In fact, we encourage everyone to share a board (or three!) with the Trello community. All you have to do is follow the steps in this form. Who knows, you may just change the way the world works together!

Get Inspired With Trello

Below are just a handful of our favorite boards from Inspiration that we’d like to highlight. If you want to explore the full rainbow of possibilities, start here:

Weekly To-Do’s



“I’ve really enjoyed the flexibility with thinking of my work in weekly doses. I keep an ongoing list of future projects on the left column. Then I have a column for this week’s to-dos, a column for dones, and a column for the week ahead. Rinse & repeat, weekly!” – Kevan Lee, Director of Marketing, Buffer

Hiring And Staffing For Startups



“The team at app automation tool Zapier is growing fast. Our team uses a Trello board to make it easy to see where every new role is at in the hiring process. Of course, this board is boosted by automation behind the scenes, powered by Zapier, to make it effortless for this board to stay up-to-date.” – Kim Kadiyala, Partner Manager, Zapier

Vacation Planning



“This is how I love to plan a trip. I use a Trello board to organize, reference, motivate, and remind! Reservations, recommendations from friends, things I need to bring…it all goes in one handy place. The board is my hub for everything, and I love that I can access it offline. It helps me navigate my trip, and get the most out of my time. Plus making it gets me really hyped for the travel!” – Rachel Gilbert, Data for Trello

Blog Post Pipeline



“This blog post pipeline helps our team to organize the whole process of our developing and publishing content. From ideas to drafts, schedules and publishing – the board helps every team member to stay on track.” – Inga Koreng, Marketing Manager,

Everyday Agile



“Getting things done isn’t just about shipping a product, or checking off items on a list, or even about marking a project as Done. Getting things done is a process: it’s a way of thinking that involves planning, execution, iteration, and reflection.” – Lyndi Thompson, Sr. Demand Generation Manager at Accolade Health

Do you have tweaks to other common productivity tricks? Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello) or write in to

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