When you start down the road to matrimony, glossy wedding magazines and carefully curated blogs might lead you to believe that wedding planning is nothing but delicious cake tastings, fun formalwear fittings, and Pinterest-worthy handcrafted decor. It’s true: getting married can be all of these things! It can also be a reality check: Planning a wedding is about you, your spouse-to-be, and your closest family and friends banding together as a team to pull off a large, complicated project with a strict deadline and budget.

A challenge of this scale is enough to send any company running towards project management frameworks, budget projections, and more meetings than you can shake a stick at. But you? You already have a day job! Plus, organizing such a large and emotional event with an emotional group of people (remember: they love you) means that teamwork can quickly swing from this:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding gif: why you want to leave me?

To this:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding gif: she don't want to get married

And back again, even though things still need to get done!

There are ample tips and templates out there to help you pull off the wedding of your dreams. However, as organized as the event can look on paper, if your wedding team can’t see what’s going on and when, you’ll be stuck coordinating endless email threads and attending too many late night summits on topics like sourcing a DJ or signing off on the invite list.

Having the right tools to keep your team feeling involved and organized will go a long way in managing the stress that comes with planning alongside your nearest-and-dearest. Trello is here to help with what you need most: An all-hands-on-deck approach to planning your wedding that keeps each deadline tracked, every budget item listed—and most importantly—everyone (from parents to your professional wedding planner) on the same page.

Using Trello To Plan Your Wedding

Wedding Planning Trello Playbook

The official Trello Playbook For Wedding Planning is here with five essential boards that you can copy and customize for all your team’s biggest wedding projects, including a timeline for the big day, a visual seating chart to track RSVPs, a master plan for the whole event, and more.

Here’s a preview of the five boards you and your fiance can use to free up your wedding planning time for more fun:

  1. Ultimate Wedding Planning: Your master list of wedding to-do’s, broken down by how far in advance you need to tackle each task.
    Wedding Planning Master List Template
  2. Wedding Day Timeline: When the big day arrives, know exactly who’s doing what and when—then make sure they have the Trello mobile app handy to get their reminders!
    Wedding Day Plan Template
  3. Wedding Party Board: Have a special place for your dream team to coordinate clothing, party plans, and ask you questions without late-night texts.
    Bridemaids Planning Template

  4. Seating Chart: Keep your RSVPs in line and organize each table with a Trello board. You can drag and drop last-minute changes faster than you can find your cousin Steve a date!
    Wedding Reception Seating Chart Template
  5. Thank You Cards: Sending out thank-yous can feel like a huge to-do that lands on your plate just when you’re finally ready to relax. Copy your attendees over to a new board where you can track gifts and make sure everyone gets a mailed note on time.
    Wedding Thank You Cards Tracker

This new playbook also shows off some Trello (Super)Power-Ups, like a calendar view that keeps your big dates in check, a package tracker to see when your gifts are arriving and from whom, and custom fields to track anything from RSVP confirmations to item costs and venue contacts.

Turn To-Do’s Into ‘I Do’s’

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! We hope these wedding planning Trello boards give you the organizing gift of less stress and more special moments with your friends, family, and fiancé.

The ultimate guide to planning a wedding with Trello