Your enterprise, like many, may have made the permanent change to a fully remote or hybrid workforce in 2021. But you’ve probably realized it isn’t as simple as merely making the switch. There’s lots to consider, like what should management and collaboration look like? What tools best support employees? And how can you maintain enterprise security with people working remotely around the world?

You need to adapt workflows, tech stacks, and policies to support your new work model. That starts with revisiting everything you have in place—from processes to tools—and making necessary modifications for your team to be successful.

Stop constantly pivoting and figuring things out as you go while running a hybrid or remote enterprise. The right work management solution can help achieve a smoother transition. But you need to take full advantage of all of the features it has to offer.

If you’re using Trello for work management, this could be a helpful reminder of some of the great features it has. Start 2022 right with enhanced security, multi-platform control, and improved team management by using these capabilities. Your business will operate more smoothly, and you’ll be well on your way to meeting goals for the new year.

Authenticated Attachments To Safeguard Company Documents

Keep attachments in the hands of authorized users with Trello’s authenticated attachments. This Trello enterprise feature limits sharing of card attachments. When enabled, only users with access to the corresponding Trello board can view sensitive company documents and files.

So, if your marketing team is working with an external consultant on a project and needs to share internal documents, they would turn on authenticated attachments. Then, all attachments added to the shared Trello board are only visible to the internal team and the contractor. Board collaborators can’t share the attached file with anyone outside of the board.

With authenticated attachments, your enterprise will be more secure from potential data breaches. And you’ll have peace of mind that attachments will stay secure as you collaborate across Trello.

Mobile Device Management For Multi-Platform Control

A simple mobile login to company applications might sound safe enough. But it only takes one compromised smartphone to open your company up to enterprise security issues. Protect your organization from potential security breaches across devices with Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Half of surveyed enterprise mobile specialists believe that mobile device security threats are increasing quicker than other potential risks. Stay ahead of these risks by implementing MDM on your work management tool, so your organization remains secure on any device your employees are working from.

With Trello’s MDM program, admins gain oversight and control of mobile device security. They can turn off cut, copy, paste, and screenshot functionalities on company applications, enforce identity verification for app access, and more. Admins can even enforce operating system and device passcode requirements.

With Trello’s MDM, your admins have greater control over how company applications are used and accessed—no matter the device. And your enterprise is better protected from vulnerabilities due to mobile device use.

New Trello Views To Improve Team Management

Managers in your organization have a lot on their plates. They have to give their team members the guidance and resources they need to be successful. Remove barriers to effective team management with new Trello views.

Trello brings team needs to the forefront with Timeline, Table, Dashboard, and Calendar views.

  • Timeline View: Managers can monitor workflow in Timeline view to keep team members on track and meet deadlines on key projects. They can also adjust deadlines when necessary, and set deadlines for unscheduled tasks to keep everything moving.
  • Table View: With this view, team members can view tasks on multiple boards in one place. So your team leads can see all of the work assigned to manage workloads, give recognition, and provide support.
  • Dashboard View: Using this view, managers gain important project insights that make reporting a breeze. With four default charts and graphs, they can track cards by list, member, label, and due date. And your team leads can add custom charts and graphs that monitor the exact information they need.
  • Calendar View: Managers can plan days, weeks, or months ahead with tasks corresponding to quarterly business goals in the comprehensive Calendar view. They can oversee full-day or multi-day events from this view with corresponding start and due dates and checklist items.

Insights provided through these views mean better management of employee workloads, projects that stay on track, and team challenges being met. Leverage this feature, and you’ll boost productivity, improve the employee experience, and help team members thrive. When that happens, your teams will have the knowledge, clarity, and support they need to work together toward the larger goals of the business.

Coming Soon: Scalable Admin, Org Insights, And More

Trello has even more in store for your enterprise in 2022. There is a lot to be excited about as the new year begins. Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming enterprise features you’ll love.

  • New Workspace discovery: You’ll be able to browse Workspaces in your company and request access for collaboration.
  • Admin at scale: Trello is adding more user management bulk actions for Enterprise admins.
  • Organization Insights: This feature will allow admins to analyze how actively Trello is used in the organization along with other Atlassian products.
  • Atlassian Email Preferences: Trello is being added to Atlassian Email Preferences, so all email preferences are set from the same location.
  • Automatic License Provisioning: Enterprise admin can opt-in to automatically give licenses to every active user on organization-owned domains, to make sure everyone’s work and content is secured.

Keep an eye out for important announcements on when these new features go live so your organization doesn’t miss out.

Use Trello To Its Fullest Potential In The New Year

Ready to explore everything Trello has to offer your enterprise? Unlock more enterprise-level features with Trello Enterprise. Contact the sales team to find out how your organization can leverage these features—and more—in the new year.

Trello enterprise features you need to use in 2022