We’re happy to announce unlimited Uptime Showcase components on all Statuspage plans.

The change means that any page, public or private, can now display historical uptime for as many components as needed.

Showcase components display a green mark for each day with no degraded performance or outages for a given component. For days with incidents, the color gradient will change to represent the severity of the issue (from green to red).

Here’s a look at Showcase components on our own status page, you can see we display historic uptime for components in the Notifications group. The Third Party Components group shows how components look without Uptime Showcase.


Previously, the amount of Showcase components teams could display was limited by what plan level they were on. We hope this change makes it easier for all teams to communicate incidents and uptime, regardless of their plan.

For a deeper dive into the inner workings of Uptime Showcase, head over to our knowledge base article.

Statuspage Uptime Showcase now unlimited on all pl...