We love how you adapt our tools to suit the needs of your teams, and when you come across items to bring to our attention your feedback is invaluable. Specifically, to effectively prioritize bugs and suggestions, we’re moving several jira.atlassian.com (JAC) projects into new projects focused on the cloud and server.

This change will apply to the JRA, JSD, JPO, JSW, and CONF projects and will help us:

  • better communicate the status of a bug or suggestion
  • respond with workarounds that apply specifically to cloud or server
  • improve communication with other customers on the same platform
  • better track interest in fixing a bug or implementing a suggestion on each platform

What’s changing

We have created new cloud and server projects and will copy existing issues from the JRA, JSD, JPO, JSW, and CONF projects as follows:

Note that all votes, watches, comments and fields will be copied to these new projects.

What this means for you

If you were watching a bug (e.g. CONF-123) and this bug affects both Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server, you will automatically start watching the bug in the cloud and server projects (e.g. CONFCLOUD-123 and CONFSERVER-123).
If you’re still interested in both the cloud and server versions of your watched issues, you’re good to go! If you only want to watch one version of the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Check to see if you are watching any cloud issues or server issues.
  2. If you’re a server customer and want to stop watching all cloud issues, open this cloud issue filter.
    If you’re a cloud customer and want to stop watching all server issues, open this server issue filter.
  3. On the relevant filter page, click Tools and select Bulk Change all X issue(s):
  4. Select the issues that you want to stop watching and click Next:
  5. Select Stop Watching Issues and click Next:
  6. Click Confirm to finalize any changes.


Q: What if an issue didn’t get copied across to the correct CLOUD or SERVER project?

A: If you were watching an issue that didn’t get copied across to the platform that you expected, please let us know by adding a comment to that issue. We’ll work to resolve any incorrectly copied issues over the coming weeks.

Q: What about links to JAC from external sources?
A: Links to JAC will simply redirect you to the new issue. In cases where both a new cloud and server issue has been created, you will be redirected to the server issue. You’ll see a link to the cloud version in the issue’s description:
Q: How do I create bugs and suggestions now?
A: You can still raise bugs through our support team at support.atlassian.com. When you raise suggestions on JAC, simply select the relevant CLOUD or SERVER project. For example, if you’re creating a suggestion for Jira Service Desk Cloud, select the JSDCLOUD project and then the “Suggestion” issue type.

Making it easier to track product bugs and suggestions