Another year has come and gone—perhaps, like me, you’re procrastinating on taking down holiday decorations or dreading what resolutions to set for the New Year. However, goal setting is one of the most powerful exercises for achieving success in your personal life, your career, and with your team at work. Sure, life gets crazy, but the unexpected doesn’t have to take you off track if you have goals and intentions to help keep yourself steady throughout 2024.

And while it’s helpful to set goals for the New Year, it’s also important to first reflect upon what you’ve accomplished or overcame this past year. Big or small, these achievements are worth celebrating and taking the time to express gratitude over. Whether you’re hoping to create new personal goals or reach professional milestones, here are some ways to utilize Trello in reflecting and setting the right intentions for the New Year.

1. Take some time for personal reflection

At work, you might have a quarterly or annual “check in” with your manager or teams about what you’ve been able to accomplish over the past year. Maybe your team has utilized an Atlassian Playbook template, an existing retro template in Trello, or addressed your team’s strengths and weaknesses on a template in Confluence.

Have you made the time to do the same intentional “check in” with yourself? Setting aside some quiet time to self-reflect can help you acknowledge your current mental health and emotional needs. Practicing mindful habits like these have proven various health benefits including reduced stress, better memory, improved relationships, decreased anxiety, and better focus.

Asking yourself questions can seem daunting at first—if you’re wondering where to start, check out examples shared by one of our Trello super stars, Brittany Joiner, who has utilized Trello for years to set her goals. Watch her Youtube video here and try her public Trello template that she recently created for anyone to utilize for their self-reflections of 2023.

Once you’re able to take some time to reflect on your year, don’t forget to jot down or journal your responses in Trello! It can be fun to have an organized, saved space to look back upon a year from now when you’re setting your 2025 goals—kind of like a personal time capsule for the soul.

2. Perfect your personal goals

New Year’s goals can set the tone for the next 12 months, making sure your hard work benefits the things you want most out of life. Trello can be a great tool to help organize all of your intentions and goals for the upcoming year.

When it comes to resolutions, what you often need most is a push in the right direction to get where you want to go. That push can be as simple as sitting down and outlining your life’s goals—and why not on a Trello board? Learn from goal-setting experts about how to get inspired and make a plan in Trello to put success on the map.

3. Ramp up your team goals

To say that 2023 was a year full of unexpected change and turbulence is an understatement, especially in the tech world. Trello has been no stranger to these changes, but one thing that has stayed true for our teams is our Atlassian spirit—to do our best to not #@!% the customer and support the millions of users across the world that trust Trello for their productivity and task management needs.

Research shows that businesses that set and track key metrics are two-times more likely to hit their targets than those that don’t. A popular goal-setting strategy can be summed up in three letters: OKR. OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are used by notable companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter to keep teams connected around tasks and projects that will make the biggest moves for everyone.

Learn from Kevan Lee of Buffer exactly how to set up a systematic, sustainable (and fun!) OKR team strategy in Trello.

4. Make your resolutions stick

This year will be different, you’re sure of it. Even though as many as 88% of people fail at meeting their resolutions, you have a stronger plan now to beat the odds. Take advantage of research and tools to make real change happen, and see why setting a series of smaller goals might be the key to true productivity.

5. Use Trello to track your year’s success

Trello is a great way to organize all of your resolutions and goals by identifying the tasks and steps required to achieve success and setting them into an actionable plan.  Here are some tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of your resolutions. We’ll even show you how a Trello board can keep you accountable and on task.

Set successful new year’s goals in trello