Portfolio for Jira was built for Jira Software. The app allows you to create a realistic roadmap for your teams, make data-driven decisions, and keep stakeholders up to date on how your teams are tracking. But since Atlassian acquired the product in 2014, the ways in which teams work have evolved, and more and more organizations are standardizing on Jira Software. At the same time, they’re ditching traditional management structures, deciding instead to operate as a constellation of teams that come together around broader goals. In this “Team of Teams” construct, full autonomy is given to each team to work the way it wants to, adopting agile practices to varying degrees. But through it all, it’s important to cultivate a shared consciousness. That means maintaining visibility into long-term objectives and tracking progress every step of the way.

Platform releases offer Atlassian an opportunity to shift our strategy, make bold predictions about the future, and act on insights gathered from our customers. With the Portfolio for Jira Server and Data Center 3.0 release, we’ve done just that. Based on customer input, key elements of the platform have undergone radical changes and are now simpler and more intuitive to use, flexible to varying planning style and process, and transparent for all users.

In 3.0, we’ve placed more control into your hands to create a roadmap exactly as you’ve envisioned, evolve your plans as changes occur, and share your strategy with key stakeholders. Issues can be filtered by projects, teams, releases, and a host of other attributes in order to hone in on specific information. Roadmaps can be color-coded and grouped into swimlanes to show who’s involved in the work or its status on the journey to delivery. And, most importantly, plans can easily be edited on the spot and then committed back to Jira Software when you’re ready to put them into action. All of this empowers you to roadmap the way you want and plan for the future in an agile world.

In this post, we’ll dig into some of the highlights of Portfolio 3.0 to see what’s new. Check out our release notes for more information.

With Portfolio 3.0, you’re in control

Set a plan that reflects your reality

Move from siloed projects and lists of Jira issues to a unified plan that shows the relationships between projects and teams, all on a clear timeline. You can fine-tune your plan by dragging and dropping issues to designate or reassign their parents, reorder them based on priority, and set timelines for their execution to generate a roadmap your teams can really get behind.

re-parenting an issue
Exploring Portfolio’s drag-and-drop functionality.

Constantly evolve and respond to change

In Portfolio 3.0, plans are living, breathing roadmaps that are responsive to change. Visualize cross-project and cross-team dependencies to proactively navigate pitfalls and continually adapt plans, forging a clear path forward to help your team deliver on time.

mitigating a dependency conflict in portfolio
Resolving a dependency conflict using Portfolio for Jira 3.0.

For more advanced users, Portfolio can do the heavy lifting when it comes to constructing a roadmap. When its sophisticated scheduling algorithm is activated using the Auto-schedule button, Portfolio will take into account multiple variables, including the priority of your backlog, estimates, dependencies, and more, to generate a plan in a matter of seconds.

using Jira's auto-schedule capability to build a roadmap
Using Portfolio for Jira’s auto-schedule capability to build a roadmap.

Consistently communicate and share the best of your plan

A variety of display options allow you to share updates with the right level of detail tailored to your audience and keep everyone on the same page, even as plans evolve. And because plans are open to everyone in the organization using Portfolio, individual team members can see how their work connects to bigger-picture initiatives, while management can see when work is forecasted to ship.

view settings and sharing in Portfolio
Surfacing details using Portfolio’s view settings and sharing a read-only version of the plan.

Your organization’s growth, supported

Atlassian is a trusted partner for growing organizations looking to unlock innovation at scale. You’ll benefit from a seamless, two-way integration between Portfolio for Jira and Jira Software — the number one software development tool used by agile teams — as well as the performance and scaling capabilities of the Jira platform.

Learn more about Portfolio for Jira’s functionality and how to get started in our product documentation.

What’s next?

Download a free trial of Portfolio for Jira 3.0 and join us for an upcoming webinar where we’ll provide more insight on the evolution of work, demonstrate how Portfolio has responded to this change, showcase Portfolio for Jira 3.0 in an end-to-end demo, and answer any questions in a live Q&A session. We hope to see you there.

Portfolio for Jira Server and Data Center 3.0 has arrived